Seven nations divide the super-continent Ilfa. These have held a distain for one another in one or more respects, yet war had not spread through the world in many generations. Thirty years ago, the world almost came to outright war when Akumephis sought to raise an army to invade Jhaberta, but were quickly defeated. The world has since been slowly escalating to a world war which would involve all seven powers and doubtlessly destroy more than a few nations in the process. Seven years ago, the world finally faced the reality of this when the Izaru empire announced its plans to expand their meager lands and overtake the weaker Savage Lands of Takazorros. Each nation reacted and took sides, but they were halted from taking immediate action by the intervention of King Anton Marcus of Sempaurora Kingdom. His intervention cost his life, but his dying wishes protected the world. He devised a treaty that would expire in seven years time and seal the seven nations in a pact of peace. Many were either angered or impressed by such a foolproof document which held all accountable and powerless to resist, but all respected the terms, even the Izarans who prize honor above all. After all, seven years was a short wait.


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- Special Event: [[The Yeshuah Prophecy: Movie 1 | The Yeshuah Prophecy: Movie 1]]


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The Yeshuah Prophecy