The Yeshuah Prophecy

Intro Jacob

While teaching a history class one day, a cleric silently enters Jacob Cromwell’s room. Jacob dismisses his class and hears the man’s request. He identifies himself as Danner Smythe, High Cleric of The United Church of Sempaurora. He re-activates Cromwell as the Operative of the Nation and sends him on a mission to visit Jhaberta to recover some important documents.

Not realizing that the documents he is stealing is actually the Mithril Life Studies report, Jacob uploads the recorded information into a mouth of Awakened Metal. The magic mouth immediately begins to recite the report’s knowledge, triggering the alarm. Jacob _silenced _the recording and escaped the installation, avoiding the pursuit of a axe-wielding madman.

Jacob returned to Sempaurora’s Unified Church with the data in hand and delivered the goods to Danner Smythe. Danner offered Jacob a more permanent position within the Church, asking him to face the weakness of the government and serve the true rulers or Sempaurora, the clerics of The Unified Church. Jacob refused, begging Danner to say no more against the government but turned a blind eye to the corruption before him. Danner accepted that he could not turn Jacob and instead gave him a final mission: join the tournament to find the Yeshuah as Sempaurora’s champion and prove to the others that Sempaurora was the undisputed power of the world.



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