The Yeshuah Prophecy

Jacob 1S

Breidablik Prison

Jacob had just allowed himself to perish in order not to serve Shen Lightbringer’s dark agenda. He awoke to find himself beyond the Veil in a prison. At the lowest level of the prison, he met a disenchanted man who brashly gave him directions to the keep of the original gods. He thanked the man, who divulged his name as Gordon Winterdusk. Jacob climbed the winding staircase and found the gods Kord, Pelor, Olidammara, St. Cuthbert, Fharlanghn, and Heironeous bound and shackled against a wall. Along with them was a young man, who assumed the form of Joy Stovelli when Jacob looked to him. The gods told Jacob that they were prisoners captured by the Gods of Aesyr, a pantheon of warring heroes who sought glory through a constant ritualistic battle: Ragnarok. The Aesyrians were currently waging a war against Abydos, a desert world of god-kings who commanded savage armies from atop monolithic statues of themselves built by their slaves. The world of Iifa was caught in this struggle and Aesyr was the world next in the succession of planes. Since Aesyr had put a prison to hold the souls of Iifa, there was no afterlife for the departed.

Jacob was disgusted to see that his gods had long since given up and spoke to Yeshuah, who said that Shen Lightbringer had inadvertently stolen her powers as a Yeshuah though a supernatural ability to leech souls. Because of this, the Yeshuah was no longer immune to the effects of the Veil and had not been returned to the world to be reborn as had happened so many times. If she had a second part to her soul, then she would be able to cross through the veil once more. Jacob decided to undertake this same ritual, instantly seeking out Anton Marcus.



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