The Yeshuah Prophecy

Intro Jacques

A magically inclined man was summoned to the National Science Department of Jhaberta to advise a stumped technomage on a project. Despite primarily working for the underlords of Jhaberta, Jacques Dubios accepted the invitation and aided the young scientist, eventually using an energized mithril core to power a focused blade of arcane power. Jacques toyed with the contraption for a while, delighted with his own prowess before becoming bored and leaving it on a table. Before leaving however, an alarm sounded as an intruder had reached the archives of the Science Facility and stolen valuable information.

Jacques grabbed his magical axe and ran into the labyrinthine building’s center. He encountered the thief and attempted to apprehend him, but found himself outmaneuvered by a nimble rogue who could phase through walls. Despite his efforts, the scoundrel escaped with the data. As he tried to find his way out of the halls, he was approached by the President of Jhaberta. Due to his martial prowess and magical aptitude, he had been chosen by the government as the nation’s representative for the Trials of the Yeshuah. He was escorted to the teleporter that would take him to Sempaurora where he would compete with the best heroes of the world for the title of Yeshuah, The Chosen One.



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