The Yeshuah Prophecy

JandJ 2I

Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero passed through the veil to return the essence of the Yeshuah to Joy Stovelli. After freeing her, the three are stopped within Breidablik Prison by an undead ogre guard, which attempts to seal off their exit. Joy and the pair of Wardens are separated, but they are met by Cassius Deepcrow who leads Quan to safety. They are led to the hideout of Eckhart von Hochheim, who tells them of the flow of life through the universe through the String of Pearls. Life from the world before comes to this world and then is transferred to the world after. Eckhart explains that Aesyr is the planet after Iifa and that Abydos follows that. The world before them is a mystery, but he theorizes that if the veil were redirected to link to another planet, the people of Iifa could live a happy afterlife. He further states that he has worked for many years on a way to return a soul to Iifa, but has had no success. If a person were to be on the other side and aid him on a ritual from both sides, the veil could be opened entirely.

Their conversation is cut short by undead guards attacking the hideout. Cassius tells the two to lead the invaders away from Hochheim’s research and to protect the location of the hideout. The invaders are killed and the pair finds themselves lost. They wander the prison more and come to an open area where many oppressed ghosts are sitting on the stone floor as an undead flaming corpse and a zombie ettin patrol watch over each one. Jacob decides to liberate these people and they bring down the nearly invincible guards. Exhausted and out of spells, they exchange victorious glances, but Quan finds himself being lifted off of his feet and a gargantuan bone claw protruding from his chest.

Hel holds Quan over her head with a claw made of the talons of an ancient dragon that has been affixed to her wrist. She taunts the pitiful duo and hurls Quan against the wall. Before Jacob can strike at her, she vanishes. Jacob rushes to Quan’s side and helps him to his feet. Before Jacob is struck down by Hel, he tells her that he will be the undoing of all that she has made in this prison.

Beaten by the Queen of Death, Jacob and Quan are given special treatment as guests of honor in Breidablik Prison. They are tortured daily and taunted by death herself for two and a half years. Eventually, they are rescued by Cassius Deepcrow, who appears suddenly. He says that Hochheim has devised a method to return people to Iifa and tells them that they need to return quickly: Hel is releasing a horde of undead to eclipse the planet. The two accept the aid and Cassius casts a spell from a scroll, returning them to the planet.



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