The Yeshuah Prophecy

Jacob and Lee's Prison Adventure

After defeating Yamada Yoshi, wielder of Yurei Kitsune, Lee realized that he had to turn him in. Jacob offered his aid and the two took Yamada back to Blaine Crucoy, who placed him in the nearby prison for an overnight stay before he could be taken to the State Prison in the morning. The two heroes locked him in the small prison and offered to help guard him overnight. After only a few minutes, Danner Smythe and another agent of The United Church of Sempaurora, Dawn Trueshine, came to offer to hold the prisoner, saying that he fell under their jurisdiction. Jacob refused their aid and told them that he was under orders by the king to keep the prisoner until morning. Danner coolly accepted the halfling’s stance and left with Dawn.

Portals began opening randomly throughout the prison, gating in monstrous girallions and howler bees. Though they were able to slay everything that entered, the next portal began to push a hive through – one the size of the building. Lee set the hive on fire, which caused flaming bees to emerge from the hive and die, falling all over. The prison quickly caught fire and Jacob escorted Kitsune from the prison.

Luckily, the Church representatives were not far off, watching the building burn. They offered again to take the prisoner, which Jacob agreed to and thanked them for being closeby, despite the doubt welling in his heart. They spent the night at the church’s holding cells and were awakened in the morning by a peppy Shen Lightbringer, who delivered the two heroes’ midweek evaluations and escorted them back to the arena.



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