The Yeshuah Prophecy

Intro Koh

In the outskirts of a rural town in Northwest Sempaurora, a stormcrow lies facedown in the gathering rain. Kohkanest has just failed to protect a young girl he had a vision of crying for his help. In the struggle to free her from her captives, the matter escalated into violence and she perished in the melee. He was beaten and thrown out of the town by her captors.

A spirit in the from of a baboon again presented itself to Koh, urging him to his feet. He had much more to accomplish and though he was beaten and bloody, destiny called him onward. Another vision came to him, one that foretold of an event in Sempaurora. From the events that were to come, a hero would emerge who would bathe the world of Iifa in light and hope. He traveled until he came to the capitol city and met a gathering of world leaders with Blaine Crucoy in the center. When Kohkanest announced his intentions to aid them in finding this hero, Crucoy was astonished as they had only begun their preparations to locate the Yeshuah in secret. Kohkanest offered his wisdom and divination powers to help locate the potentials of the world, calling forth candidates from all over the world.

After weeks of covertly working to create the trials that would weed out the less worthy candidates, the first potential arrived – a young bard named Shen Lightbringer. Despite being from the family of powerful heroes, the boy was peaceful, naive and did not share his father(Terrence Lightbringer)’s obsession with glory and power. While escorting the boy around the colosseum they were alerted to a local crime: A girl had been kidnapped. By using their powers together, Kohkanest and Shen Lightbringer were able to locate the girl. Shen bolstered the stormcrow’s outlook when he noticed the fatalistic avian’s hopeless attitude. The duo defeated the girl’s captors and returned to the colosseum to await the beginning of the tests.



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