The Yeshuah Prophecy

Koh 1S

The False Yeshuah

Furious that Shen Lightbringer would take action without his advice, Kohkanest returned to Takazorros, where he left the Yeshuah in the safety of the Sun Alpha, Baelak. Upon his arrival to the druid’s settlement in the center of the state, he found them all slaughtered. Alstoy LeMuir lurked in wait and wasted no time igniting his twin soul knives to attack the mage, spewing denouncements of casters. LeMuir revealed that he only sided with Shen to give his input in the new world when they remade the universe, where he would wish for a world without magic. Kohkanest found it impossible to cast spells under the threat of the psionic blades and most of his spells were resisted by Alstoy’s ability to adapt a defense against a spell to which he had previously been exposed.

Kohkanest called upon a revitalizing spell that wrapped him in a defensive cocoon and emerged in the center of Shen’s elite warriors. Shen spoke compassionately, showing regret for the need to kill Jacob Cromwell and begged Koh to return to his side and aid him in creating the new world. Kohkanest asked Shen to desist, but Shen continued saying that he was doing it all for “Jenny”. Kohkanest realized that his friend was too far gone to reach.

Shen taid that his allies would not harm him and allow him to leave, a favor to his friend. Alstoy struck at Koh, hurling one of his blades at the stormcrow. Shen reacted by touching the psionic warrior on his face with his open hand. Alstoy’s blades disappeared and ignited upon Shen’s hands.

After apologizing to Koh and scolding Alstoy, the group disappeared. Koh returned to the group in Sempaurora.



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