The Yeshuah Prophecy

Koh 2I

In the two months since the battle before the Veil, Kohkanest of the Quillfeather Tribe has taken the seat vacated by Baelak and become the Sun Alpha of Takazorros. Blaine Crucoy and the Dawn Alliance have offered their support in rebuilding the nation since the destruction of the druidic grove and the mass brainwashing of the Alpha’s court. With Samurai and Paladins roaming the Savage Lands, unrest has been quelled quickly. Kohkanest, along with the help of his new assistant Mathilda Verona, an overly organized Xeph girl trained by the greatest family of mages, Greck, his acting Beta, and Greck’s animal companion, Kiki, a wolf, the trio sets out to locate surviving druids.

Greck and Kiki lead the way, starting from the abandoned druid’s grove and heading north. They are eventually approached by a powerful lizardfolk brute who challenges Koh’s right to lead as Sun Alpha. Despite Koh being inferior in strength to the stalactite-wielding monster, he attempts to reason with him. When the lizardfolk attacks, Mathilda disables the assailant with a paralysis spell and unlinks her sectioned staff which is connected by a metallic cord. Mathilda slips the razorwire under the lizardfolk’s neck and asks him to listen politely to the Sun Alpha. Satisfied, Koh continues to speak to the lizardfolk and tells him of his dreams to liberate Takazorros from its labels of “savagery” and “ignorance”. He tells of a future where the tribes will not be feared by outsiders and these outsiders will in turn bring in a wealth of exotic imports that the lizardfolk would never see. He offers to the lizardfolk a mango and tells him that these are products of civilization. Intrigued by the promise of a better tomorrow, the lizardfolk quiets and discusses with Koh at length before leaving, happy to serve Koh’s dream.

They follow the path to a cave, where they find cultists in the mountains, praying to an unknown deity. After killing the two fanatics, they find their captives, three druids from an outpost to the western shore. The leaders of Takazorros are eager to meet with this settlement, but Kohkanest senses danger in the future. He has a dream of Sergio Leone, his former ally, in danger. Leaving Takazorros to Mathilda, he heads toward Akumephis.



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