The Yeshuah Prophecy

Intro Sergio

Sergio Leone, of the Drass Aristocracy’s High Nobles, lived a life of luxury. His father’s family run assassination guild provided him more money than he could ever spend and his talents with a rapier ensured that anyone daring enough to stand against a noble would have no chance against him in solo combat. He seemed to own the Drass Aristocracy along with his lifelong friend, Joy Stovelli. After finding his belongings stolen and hearing rumors of his presence in places he had not visited at the time, Sergio began to seek out an imposter who seemed to be after his place in the world. He looked for information from all of his family’s friends, going first to the Stovelli family. Joy’s mother told him that he had come by previously and borrowed a few items from the family. She also asked him to look for her daughter, who had disappeared.

Upon returning to his home, he found a duplicate of himself speaking to his father. He spoke to his father in code, telling Giovanni Leone to leave the doppelganger to his rapier. The doppelganger cursed Sergio for taking his status for granted and engaged the assassin in combat, losing quickly to the superior style of the Leone Family Prodigy. As a last ditch effort, the doppelganger took the form of Sergio’s mother Lucia Leone, whom Sergio stabbed without hesitation. Sergio left the body to be disposed by his servants and returned to the Stovelli family. Joy’s mother told him of a tournament in Sempaurora that was calling the strongest from worldwide. She knew that her daughter was looking for a way to prove her strength in the world and told Sergio that he would find her there and begged him to protect her and bring her back home. Sergio accepted the mission and was given the privilege of becoming the Representative of the Nation in the contest for the Yeshuah.



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