The Yeshuah Prophecy

Sergio 2I

Sergio Leone returned from the Veil with the promise of a new life. He would follow in the footsteps of Jacob Cromwell by serving the King of Sempaurora as the Operative of the Nation. He spent the next two months serving the state every day until he was given a free weekend. During the weekend, he returned to the Drass Aristocracy, where he at last dealt with the threat of his family, who had attempted to kill him to avenge the death of Giovanni Leone. Sergio retaliated with glee. He slaughtered each of his family members, whether they were involved or not.

Upon returning to service, he was interrogated by his superior John Winterdusk, but was immediately exonerated due to Hikaryu Savarem admitting to the crime. Hikaryu, being a diplomat, could not be charged for the murders and Sergio was cleared. Though flattered by the gesture, Sergio asked Hikaryu to never take the blame for his crimes again. Sergio was called before Anton Marcus, who proudly held Lionheart, and Thomas Shoney, who wielded Malakym. He was given a mission in Akumephis to assassinate Nezagg Hauzon. To keep this from being traced back to Sempaurora, Thomas offered Sergio three demon insignias to plant at the scene to make it resemble the actions of a Rogue Demon.

Sergio infiltrated the castle with ease, bringing a gory end to any who interfered with his mission. As he progressed through the castle, memories of his vacation spent massacring his family floated back to him. Elated by the thrill of the hunt, the intoxicating demon atmosphere of the state and the sweet memories of revenge, Sergio found himself an unstoppable force bolstered by something he had not previously experienced.

Once inside the king’s sleeping chambers, Sergio plunged his dagger into the demon lord’s chest. Overtaken by another force, Sergio continued to stab into the demon. When he awoke, the seal of a demon was drawn on the corpse, using his blade. It was not one of the examples given to him by Thomas.

Suddenly, Sergio’s ecstasy reversed and it became a pain in his chest. Barely able to move, he dragged himself out of the castle, stumbling through a few encounters against weak devils. Once he was clear of the castle, a figure that had been following him presented itself. Sebastian Grant introduced himself and requested to see Mephisto. When Sebastian refused to be satisfied with Sergio’s claim that Mephisto was gone, Sebastian attempted to defeat him. Sergio drew on the power of Mephisto, sacrificing his own vitality to Mephisto in exchange for power and used his demonic strength to easily defeat Grant.

Grant fled through a portal and Sergio collapsed. He fled to an abandoned house and hid, requesting from an evacuation from the King.



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