The Yeshuah Prophecy

Sergio 2S1

The Wind Spirit

After leaving The Wardens to seek the help of Mediggo in removing Mephisto from his body, Sergio Leone found himself in a strange hideout full of mysterious figures each with a strange power. He found their leader, Pierre Daray easy to talk to and was offered free room and board for as long as he wanted to stay there. Pierre boasted of the group’s skill with spiritual energy and agreed that every member would work to remove Mephisto if Sergio would offer his power to collecting the Great Spirits, weapons that held the key to unlocking an ultimate power, one that Daray claimed that he could use to protect this plane. Sergio agreed, but only on the condition that Mediggo would stop attacking those with the weapons they sought and instead attempt to recruit more peacefully. Tomas Breault began working with Sergio immediately to remove Mephisto and drew a circle of protection that Sergio was asked to sit in. Sergio was to call Mephisto as he had done previously and battle the demon in his heart each time, asserting his dominance.

In his heart, Sergio and Mephisto dueled for control of his body. Mephisto revealed his true form to Sergio, a massive demon legion fused together in a single mass, each supporting a single devil lord atop their shoulders: a product of Sergio’s recent mass-murdering. Though Sergio was still able to hold onto his body, Mephisto offered him a warning, “You turned to me for the power to kill Shen Lightbringer. The moment that little shit hits the ground…you’re mine.”

The morning after the ritual, Sergio was told the location of one of the spirits they sought, Kamatari Fuu’s Kirikirimai, the spirit of wind. Sergio left with Sebastian Grant for Takazorros.

Sergio found a settlement that Kamatari frequented, searching for strong opponents. He set up a stakeout and observed Fuu’s fighting ability, where she deftly wielded a massive scythe as though it were little more than a foil. Sergio emerged from hiding and came to speak to Kamatari, warming her up with flattery before inviting her to join him for an endless supply of challenges. She readily jumped at the opportunity, but first asked to see the great Sergio Leone in action. They dueled and Sergio disabled her. He returned to the base with Fuu following. Kamatari was placed in Mediggo as a replacement to Evan Bryce, however she added the stipulation that she would only serve Sergio’s orders.



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