The Yeshuah Prophecy

Sergio 2S2

The Water Spirit

Sergio Leone had his will tested once more as Tomas Breault had him spend the night on hallowed ground, which caused the spirit of Mephisto to corrode his flesh. After surviving the ordeal, he returned to rest. When he woke, he was given a mission. The Water Spirit Leviathan had been located in Jhaberta. It was the Awakened Weapon of Clive Vendassey, a pirate of the Void Sea.

Sergio, Kamatari Fuu, and Sebastian Grant confronted Clive on his ship and despite Leone’s efforts, swords crossed as the proud Captain struck at Sergio, claiming that he was more powerful due to having a higher bounty for his head. The Captain singled out Sergio in the fight and encased the rogue in an orb of water. Before drowning, Sergio called upon Mephisto’s power once more and boiled the water with the fires of hell.

Intimidated by the display of power, Vendassey ceased his attacks and released Sergio. He agreed to hear out Mediggo’s proposal. The party raced across Jhaberta to reach the portal before it was destroyed by the Harbinger Behemoth.



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