The Yeshuah Prophecy

Sergio 2S3

The World's Most Wanted Man

While continuing to extract Mephisto from his body, Tomas Breault tells Sergio that he will need to know more about the weapon that Mephisto was sealed in to continue his work. Sergio moves out into the Drass Aristocracy to find his father’s weaponsmith, a friend of the family. Sergio comes to find the man in a noble skyrise and after a warm reunion, he is told a story of his father as a young nobody from Jhaberta who built a career from his skill with a dagger. His mother, Lucia Leone, was the object of his father’s desire and he was able to woo her once he had a promising future. Lucia took on a few jobs as an assassin as well, seducing her targets before killing them effortlessly. When Lucia was targeted by a powerful man and raped, Giovanni Leone spent a fortune attempting to track down and have enough power to bring down the demon-fused hero of Akumephis, but was never able to rival his strength. His father had the Awakened Weapon Mephisto crafted and attempted to attune himself with it, but the demon judged him as unworthy. It became a goal of Giovanni’s to raise an heir that would be worthy of wielding Mephisto and he gave the weapon later to Sergio. The smith finished the story and warned Sergio to be careful with Mephisto and to remember the contract he was offered, for if it was ever to be fulfilled, the devil would take Sergio’s soul without hesitation.

Sergio was given the remainder of the Blackiron to take back and went to leave, but was met at the door by Alquarro Cerdevo. When Sergio lightly asked how the noble was able to so constantly track him, Alquarro replied “I can smell you.” Sensing that the discussion would not be cordial, Sergio begged to go somewhere more private. Cerdevo obliged, but only moved into the hallway, saying that he owned the building and that no one would eavesdrop with the incentive of his money controlling them. Alquarro said that he recently had a business meeting with someone Sergio had injured and Alquarro pointed to his neck. Cerdevo’s client was very upset and demanded retribution for the injury. Realizing that he was dealing with an agent of Hel, Sergio attacked Alquarro Cerdevo, mauling his leg with his daggers. Cerdevo stood and the wound healed almost completely, then dominated Sergio with a stare. Against his will, the assassin walked into the arms of the Vampire and Alquarro Cerdevo bit and drained Sergio of his life. Cerdevo told Sergio about his undead powers, saying that he was a champion of the darkness. Sergio surrendered immediately, pleading with Cerdevo not to kill him. He said that Mephisto was a danger to the entire world and he did not want to release that. Alquarro accepted, leaving Sergio with a gash on his neck.

As Sergio limped out of the building, he was contacted by Tomas, who said that they found the Earth Spirit in his location. Sergio refused to chase it and instead regrouped at the headquarters. With everyone assembled, Sergio lamented his lack of power and said that the undead agents of Hel, of which he knew two, were far more powerful than he. Once healed, Sergio, Kamatari, Sebastian, and Clive left in pursuit of the Earth weapon, hoping to find its wielder, Donovan Slade. Instead when they reached the destination, they found Railoc Greyshadow, the sword collector, who had come into possession of Atlas recently. Agents of the Dawn Alliance surrounded the encounter, capturing Railoc and Sergio together. Not willing to waste the opportunity, Railoc attacked Sergio, who warned him not to take him lightly and not to hold back. Railoc said that Sergio was not ready for his fullest potential and called on Yurei Kitsune first. Kitsune’s cloning ability overwhelemed Sergio and he soon found himself on the brink of death.

Afraid of Mephisto’s release, Sergio begged Railoc for mercy, “You don’t know what you’re doing!”, but the swordsman demanded for Sergio to no longer hold back and to call on Mephisto. Railoc landed a final blow on Sergio, but found to his surprise that as Sergio fell, something else took control. Mephisto, fully in control of Sergio’s body, snatched the bladed tails of Yurei Kitsune from the air and ripped the awakened weapon from Railoc’s hands. Without the sword, Railoc’s clones disappeared and Mephisto began a savage reprisal. Sergio quickly came back to his senses and demanded to end the fight, but Railoc instead thanked him for the challenge and switched his weapon for Atlas.

Despite Sergio’s wounds and Railoc’s new weapon, Sergio was able to weaken Railoc and the sword collector attempted to retreat, going invisible. Mephisto however spoke to Sergio from within his head, saying that he could still see Railoc. He offered Sergio the power to see through his eyes, granting him true vision. With the eyes of the devil, Sergio could see ahead of time and anything that was invisible. Sergio dismissed the ability, determined to find Railoc on his own and began wandering around the confine watching the trailing blood in the air, which gravitated towards his demonic vessel. When he found Railoc, he demanded that Railoc yield, but the sword collector refused to do anything so weak. Railoc took Kazesore Subarashi in hand and charged Sergio. The assassin deftly loosed a dagger into Railoc’s neck, killing him.

Sergio’s surroundings went quiet as the Agents realized what had happened in the cage. Sergio defended his actions as dispatching the man who attempted the assassination of the King, but was ignored by the Captain, who said that it was clear that Sergio Leone had become too great a threat to ignore. Sergio Leone’s bounty was raised and was amended to “dead or alive”, instead of “alive”.



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