The Yeshuah Prophecy

Sergio 2S4

The Devil's Contract

With all of the spirit weapons known to Meddigo captured by Sergio and the proper materials given to them to remove Mephisto from his body, Sergio is told that he will be free of Mephisto in two days. During an exercise to “loosen Mephisto’s hold on his soul”, Tomas Breault has Vanessa Raleigh stab Sergio through the back with what he is told is a Truesilver shard. Sergio stews over this literal stab in the back and is soon given the chance to take his aggressions out. He is fed the information of the Life Spirit being in the Drass Aristocracy, an Awakened Weapon wielded by Kain Lorehelm’s brother, who is stealing the life of those whom he kills to prolong his own lifespan. Sergio is all to happy to kill another Lorehelm and sets off attempting to catch up to his crew who are already on their way.

Sergio is escorted by Kentashiro Igetsu, whom he had not interacted with much before. Upon their arrival, Sergio finds a man who looks similar to Kain Lorehelm and a smaller hireling beside him. When Sergio attacks the pair, he hears the voices of Joy and Shen call to him, telling him that he is under the effect of an illusion. Sergio activates the Eyes of the Demon (from Sergio 2S3) and can see that the two are in fact Joy Stovelli and Shen Lightbringer. The man escorting him is the hero of the people Terrence Lightbringer and there is an independent eye slithering over his shoulder (the focus for Pierre Daray’s illusions). Before Sergio can react, Terrence fires a single ballistic explosive at Sergio, but Joy intercepts this, knocking the projectile into the air, but toppling over and falling from the rooftop. Terrence coldly dismisses his son as a felon, saying “At Miss Stovelli’s rate of descent . . . Shen Lightbringer, you are more than 30 feet from the Yeshuah. As a violation of your parole, I am placing you under arrest. Surrender quietly for immediate execution.”

Shen, hoarse with rage, begs Sergio for his aid, saying that he has not had much experience with patricide and will need Sergio’s help. Terrence offers another option: take his only chance at striking back at Meddigo and leave him to kill his son. Sergio eagerly gives his assistance to Shen and the two make short work of the hero. As Shen plunges his rapier into his father’s heart, he makes a tough decision.

“I’m sorry, Sergio. You can’t be trusted. You’ve committed unforgivable atrocities. You’re wanted dead or alive by the Dawn Alliance. You saved me from myself once. I’m sorry if this will hurt…but I intend to repay that debt now.”

“I understand, Sergio. That’s the way you want it. If you need your ass kicked this badly, I guess I have to do it.”

“I made a vow to never again use these cursed powers, but you leave me no choice! I’m not holding back! If you can hear me in there Sergio, then you keep fighting too! Let’s go back together! You, me, Jacques, Koh, Jacob, Joy! I owe you one, brother! I’m not giving up on you!”

Sergio and Shen square off in a savage duel, both throwing devastating attacks at one another until Shen falters. For a moment he seems to faint while standing and then shoot back to attention, ready to fight again. Screaming “I’m not going to let you do this to yourself!!!” he drains the powers of the collected swords of Sergio’s party, once more flooding himself with more power than he can control.

Though the battle continues, a new foe seems to stand before Sergio and he addresses the assassin coldly, “It’s been a long time . . . Sergio.”

As the two fight, Sergio attempts to block out the antagonizing words of Shen, recognizing him as the same impostor as before. I apologize for not keeping in touch with you, dear brother. I was occupied. Did you receive our invitation to the birth of Joy’s baby?"

“You spent so much effort in attempting to kill me. Jacob believed that you wanted a better world. You and I know the pitiful truth: you were only driven by jealousy. Now Joy is mine and I have ruined her to you forever.”

Sergio finally shot back a retort, stating that the being that was talking to him now was only a figment of Shen’s imagination.

Seeming to rise to the remark, The False Yeshuah continued on, beginning to ask Sergio if he would like to know about Joy’s sexual experience, but Shen overpowered the darker personality, asserting himself as the controller of his body. He then threw himself at Sergio and wrapped his arms around the rogue, grabbing him by the face with his bare hand. Shen, barely conscious, told Sergio, “I’m sorry for the scare. It’s me, Sergio. It’s Shen.”

Realizing that his only options were to allow Shen to attempt to draw Mephisto out and trust in his power or to attack Shen to get Shen off of him, Sergio apologized and swung out with his flaming dagger. A gout of flames flared from his weapon and Shen’s chest broke open, killing the bard before he hit the ground. Sergio was entirely unmoved by the death around him, instead walking towards Terrence’s body to grab the sword Asmoday. Sebastian came back to consciousness and had a final exchange with Sergio, who spoke differently.

Sergio: “Oh man, I thought I’d never get rid of him.”
Sebastian: “Sergio? What happened? Where’s the Yeshuah?”
Sergio: “Dead. Look 200 feet below you if you don’t believe me. Hey, Sparky. Catch.”
Sergio throws Sebastian Asmoday.
Sebastian: “Sparky? What happened to you?”
Sergio: “I won. Wake up the other two, ”/campaign/yeshuah/wikis/asmoday" class=“wiki-page-link”>Asmoday. We have a lot of work to do.“

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