The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 101

The Heroes Assemble! Fight For The Yeshuah In The Heart of the Land of Effulgence!

At long last, the day of the tournament began! Heroes from all over the world of Iifa came together to prove their worth, amongst them: the soulless samurai Hikaryu Savarem, tranquil monk Dante Klausen, loud sharpshooter Colton Lugers, murderous Sergio Leone, Joy Stovelli a young girl with a lot to prove, Shen Lightbringer a bard who was forced here by his father, mysterious cleric Jacob Cromwell, the celebrity actor Daryl Jenkins, pacifist Amarok Chozell cruel trickster Alstoy LeMuir, insane axe-wielding Jacques Dubios, demonfused mage Brimms Flamel and soothsayer Kohkanest of the Quillfeathers in Takazorros.

Similar mages Koh and Jacques were pitted against each other and Koh’s control of his foe’s movement proved a powerful asset. Jacob Cromwell faced Colton Lugers and emerged through the volley the victor, though he was quickly defeated later by bugbear barbarian named Gyin. Sergio Leone faced against Kain Lorehelm’s immense greatsword Asmoday in a battle where both contestants spiderwalked all over the walls of the arena. When

  • Sergio Leone vs. Kain Lorehelm (Sergio)
  • Jacob Cromwell vs. Colton Lugers (Jacob)
  • Koh vs. Alstoy LeMuir (Koh)
  • Lee of the Tendai Monastery vs. Brimms Flamel (Lee)
  • Shen Lightbringer vs. Dante Klausen (Dante)
  • Jacques Dubios vs. Daryl Jenkins (Jacques)
  • Joy Stovelli vs. Amarok Chozell (Joy)

  • Jacob Cromwell vs. Gyin (Gyin)
  • Koh vs. Jacques Dubois (Koh)
  • Sergio vs. Hikaryu Savarem (Sergio)

  • Koh vs Sergio (Sergio)
  • Joy Stovelli vs. Gyin (Joy)

  • Sergio Leone vs. Joy Stovelli (Sergio)

Joy and Sergio climbed the tournament ladder with ease, Joy even accidentally killing Gyin in her penultimate match. Sergio paralyzed Joy with his assassin’s abilities and declared the fight his victory, then cradled the girl in his arms as she wept, disgusted by her own weakness.

The day after the tournament, the heroes divided into groups to continue undergoing missions that would test their abilities and judgment as a hero. While Jacob Cromwell, Joy Stovelli, Hikaryu Savarem, Alstoy LeMuir and Dante Klausen comprised one party; Sergio Leone, Jacques Dubios, Kohkanest, Kain Lorehelm and Lee were placed in another. They parted ways and with Sergio leading the group, they went to a village in Takazorros that was being occupied by a squad of Sempauroran extremist footsoldiers. After defeating many of their men, with Kain Lorehelm and Sergio Leone killing all whom they faced, they eventually came to meet the leader of the squad who summoned a mechanized suit of awakened metals. Sergio maneuvered towards the cockpit of the Jhabertan mech and slew the pilot.

Due to Shen Lightbringer’s adamant refusal to contribute to the tests, Sergio Leone sought to have him removed from the contest entirely. Blaine Crucoy acknowledged Sergio’s concern, but told him that Shen Lightbringer’s father Terrence Lightbringer would not allow his family to be shamed in such a way and instead transferred Shen out of the party in exchange for Jacob Cromwell.



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