The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 102

The General's Power! Nine Tails of Spirit Fury!

The day after the first mission, the heroes were called to deal with a cult that had gained power in Sidarthalem. Jacob Cromwell had replaced Shen Lightbringer, but Kain Lorehelm had disappeared. On top of that, Lee’s contact, General Yurei Kitsune told him at every turn to use any opportunity that he could to attack the party and raise the chances that he would become the Yeshuah by default. Finally deciding to accomplish the mission without Kain’s aid, they left for Sidarthalem and met with the Church of Heironeous. Jacob, a longtime agent of the state and church – which worshipped Heironeous – noticed that the designs and insignias within this church were different than those within The United Church of Sempaurora. The head of the church told them that they were a peaceful state and had no defenses against betrayals such as this cult.

The heroes came to the cult’s church which was full of men under the thrall of a Blackiron insignia. Jacques scared many away with a display of power and the remainder were ushered out by the rest of the party. Under the church they found a dungeon infested by demons and cultists who had fused themselves to demons, recreating the souls of Akumephis. After killing each one, the characters returned to Sempaurora where they would receive midweek evaluations for their current standings. Jacob Cromwell recognized the bloodlust and talent within Sergio and spoke with him, urging the hero to find a focus for his abilities as he seemed to be wasting his talent on pointless violence.

Kain Lorehelm had still not been found and Yurei Kitsune, their contact, was not at the designated meeting point. When they found Kitsune, they found Lorehelm with Kitsune’s katana over this throat. Yurei Kitsune blamed Lee, saying that if he had been more aggressive in proving himself the Yeshuah, Kistune would not need to be killing to promote Lee’s status. Wary of the double-meaning in Kitsune’s name, Jacob warned Kitsune that even if he were a monster, he would still attack him without holding back.

“Monster?” Replied Yurei Kitsune, mulling over the implication. “Oh. I’m not Yurei Kitsune,” he explained, holding his longsword before him demonstratively. “THIS is Yurei Kitsune. My real name is Yamada Yoshi.” He focused himself on the blade of Mithril. “I suppose that you are not familiar with the spiritual abilities hidden within Awakened Weapons. Behold…” He held Yurei Kitsune in his extended hands, his fingers behind the edge of the blade. “Snarl, Yurei Kitsune.”

The sword extended into nine bladed tails, exploding with raw spiritual energy. With the intent to kill, Yamada Yoshi lashed out at the party. The General of Izaru was a competent fighter and it was only barely so that the party of heroes was able to defeat him.



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