The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 104

Endorse or Denounce! The World Awaits Your Answer, Great Heroes of Iifa! Pledge The "Truth of Your Heart"!

The party seemed to all be in favor of the Yeshuah’s plan to destroy death and resurrect Joy Stovelli with the exception of Sergio Leone and Jacob Cromwell. The party was granted time by Shen Lightbringer to roam the city and return with a final answer later. Jacques wandered into the market, where he was confronted by Colton Lugers, one of the Potentials. Lugers had come to demand that Jacques Dubois break all ties with the Yeshuah who would overthrow the Veil or defeat him if he did not comply. Though Colton boasted the Awakened Weapons Calamitas and Venia, Jacques killed the ranger and sold his guns.

Jacob Cromwell, while in the Unitied Church of Sempaurora to speak with the new head cleric Peter Grandyville, was sought out by Amarok Chozell, who offered Jacob a similar ultimatum. Jacob, still unable to cast spells since the discovery of a cult within Sempaurora, instead fled the battle with his phasing ability. Kohkanest found himself also under attack by demonfused mage Brimms Flamel. Hikaryu Savarem came to his aid however and the two caused the attacker to flee.

Sergio had followed Jacob to the Church and noticed an invisible figure leaving through a door, but chose to ignore the rogue and instead just cry out a mockery to the obvious flaw in the man’s ability. He later came against the invisible figure once more as he rushed towards Blaine Crucoy’s castle, making contact with the cloaked figure. The two locked in combat, but Sergio quickly pierced through the shadowy figure’s mask, driving his rapier through his eye. After her unmasked the assassin, he recognized it as his father. Understanding the depth of this betrayal, he burned his father’s body, turning his back on his life as an assassin and his family once and for all.

Sergio returned to Jacob, saying that he needed to turn over a new leaf. Jacob said that he was under order to keep watch on Shen. Understanding that the best way to continue on was to work with Shen at least until a better option presented itself, they returned to the Yeshuah and offered their services. The party together, Shen, Alstoy LeMuir and Hikaryu Savarem led the way to Izaru, where they would meet with Lee’s monastery.

Despite the monastery’s willingness to hear out the Yeshuah, the Emperor of Izaru placed an order to kill the Yeshuah on sight. As they attempted to leave the province, they found three samurai waiting on the top of a bridge with three Awakened Weapons.

The samurai attacked the party members, stating that all allies of the Yeshuah would be killed. Using the weapons Kazesore Subarashi, a cleaver of grinding teeth; Sagashi Yuubii, a projectile throwing defensive weapon; and Tsukiken, a bladed knuckle, they fought the party, nearly killing Jacob Cromwell. During the battle, Sergio made his move, turning invisible to use his assassination abilities on Shen. However as he made the attack, Shen deflected his rapier, stating that he could see through all of Sergio’s abilities now that he had the powers of the Yeshuah.

With the party now against him, Shen cut his losses and gave the order to retreat. Hikaryu Savarem began teleporting those still loyal to Shen away and Shen extended his hand to Koh, and the two disappered. Sergio demanded that Jacques abandon all ties to Shen and Jacques agreed, still believing himself to be the Yeshuah. Despite winning the encounter, they had lost their opportunity to strike Shen and lost Koh’s aid.



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