The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 105

The Disciples of Yeshuah

Jacob Cromwell calls together a meeting of the council to discuss the Yeshuah and the world’s stances on Shen Lightbringer’s aims. Much of the world sees the Yeshuah as a hero of light and trusts in the Prophecies of the Yeshuah, which make the Chosen One seem an agent of peace. With the exception of Izaru, which has sent assassins for the hero, the entire world believes that he is doing good. Jacob, Jacques, Koh, Sergio and Lee form The Wardens, a neutral group dedicated to stopping extremists on both sides and undoing the destruction caused by the Yeshuah and his opponents. At King Blaine Crucoy’s order, The Wardens go to Jhaberta to stop a faction known as The Disciples of Yeshuah.

While some of the members of the Disciples seem like harmless sheep, a scientist comes to Jacques Dubios to unveil the results of his experiments: a series of puppets created from corpses with the intent of housing restored souls. After destroying his puppets and killing him, they recover the directions owned by a priest in amongst the Disciples that describe the process to becoming a False God, one similar to Phaeleg. They confronted the would be Death God and killed him also, but not before his fight could allow a chance for their leader to escape. Despite having the benefit of a head start and a magical advantage in the flight, he was caught and arrested by Lee.



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