The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 106

The Unyielding General

After disbanding the Disciples of Yeshuah, Dawn Trueshine came to the party for their help. She had been released due to the civil war that had ignited since their absence. Knowing that the nation was helpless, The United Church of Sempaurora seceded from the state and declared war on the government. Also recognizing the weakness of the King, a sizable portion of the army broke away to pursue their own goals, setting up camp in a residential area they claimed for themselves. A third, peaceful faction The Dawn Alliance rose from this chaos to state to the world that something needed to be done and declared itself a non-partisan objector, asking the nations of the world to unite to overcome the chaos that had flooded the world since Shen Lightbringer’s appearance. In the southwest district, a riot had broken out and anarchists razed the city.

The Wardens decided to first face the former general of the Sempauroran Army, Clarence Matua, and were led to his encampment. The enlarged warlord advised the party to also turn against the monarchy, which was helpless and could no longer aid the state since Anton Marcus’ death. Matua called Jacob “The Last Sempauroran” and said that the old ways were dying. Offended by the general’s treatment of the common man, Jacob told Matua that he was mistaken in believing that Sempaurora was dead, as Sempaurora was comprised of its people and the truest heroes were the commoners who worked for a living and shouldered the fate of the entire nation. Jacob recalled his divine power by placing his faith in the community rather than the divine and, bolstered by his spells once more, struck down the warlord.

After the events of the day, the party rested in the guard station, but were awoken by Sergio’s cousin, Mario Leone, in a mechanized Jhabertan suit, come to exact revenge on his father’s murder. Even with the power of state of the art technology, he still cannot equal to Sergio Leone and is beaten soundly by his cousin. Sergio gives him the message for the Leone Family to never again attempt to claim revenge on Giovanni Leone’s death, but despite Mario’s weakness he gives Sergio a warning: all of his family will come to retaliate at one point or another, he was only the first.



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