The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 107

Project HAMMER

With Matua’s death, one of the threats in the Sempauroran Civil War fell apart. The Wardens then turned their attention to The Dawn Alliance, who met with the heroes to speak of a better world. Their leader, Cynthia Trueshine, sought to unite the world under one council and begged Sempaurora for its help. The Wardens realized that she was not a threat and met with Thomas Shoney at the newly formed “True Church”, which had not succumbed to the heresy of the False Gods. With Thomas’ blessing, Jacob Cromwell set out to do what he realized that he should have done long ago.

Once inside the stronghold for The United Church of Sempaurora, they were attacked by fanatical clergymen, who began tapping into profane abilities to strike down the invaders. Jacques Dubois fell in the fight and returned to his feet as Quan Genero, the Operative of the State for Jhaberta, who had been Jacques’ alter ego. With a party that now worked together better, the team continued on through the church’s courtyard, where they discovered Ray Starkiller, a mercenary who rode a hovering bike of Awakened Metals. Using the living weapon as an mount, he attacked the party as per the terms of his contract.

Despite the abilities of Praxis, his bike, he was defeated by Kohkanest, who struck down the spirit within his bike, rendering the outrider a meek footsoldier. Ray accepted defeat and warned the party that despite honoring the contract of his employers, he noticed something strange below the Church. He fearfully referred to feeling a presence that he had not felt in over 20 years. With memories of Project HAMMER still fresh in his mind, Jacob sped away to find Peter Grandyville. Below the Church, they found a small laboratory, where Grandyville stood before a fully completed HAMMER, one three times larger than that which destroyed Thule, creating the Tainted Ruins of Akumephis. Jacob charged through the clerics to confront Peter before the arcane explosive. Due to the HAMMER’s instability, all spells cast in the lab only fed into the mithril shell, bolstering the chaotic energies within. Grandyville proved to be an exceptional cleric and he taunted Jacob.

“Fool! Only now, now that it is too late, do you realize the TRUE POWER of the Unified Church of Sempaurora!”

Jacob faced a brutal pounding from Grandyville’s cudgel, but called upon his newfound divinity to strike back. He struck the evil cleric and retorted, “I’ve found a Higher Power,” as his attack swallowed Grandyville in light. Quan Genero, being a master Technomage of Jhaberta had a great understanding of the Awakened Metals that gave birth to the HAMMER before them and instructed the party to help him teleport it over the ocean, where they could detonate it safely. Understanding that the party would split up at this point, they all agreed to meet in the arena in Sempaurora where they had all met before. Kohkanest, Lee and Sergio went to spread the warning to others, but Sergio was stopped by Inugami Yoshi, who began to instruct him on releasing the full power of his sword, which contained a spirit, Mephisto.

Jacob and Quan rode the highly unstable HAMMER over Sempaurora’s skyline and took it out to sea. With the help of a fly spell, the two left the HAMMER in the ocean and attempted to escape its blast radius. The HAMMER detonated prematurely and the two found themselves teleported through time and space in the center of Takazorros, where Alstoy LeMuir and Hikaryu Savarem teleported in.

The exhausted pair fought off the two swordsmen, but Alstoy showed his true potential, discarding his cutlass to ignite twin blades of power from his fists. Quan and Jacob decided to split up and flee, but only Jacob was pursued. Shen Lightbringer appeared before Jacob, his rapier in hand. Jacob was barely able to stand and was only conscious due to a spell of Bear’s Endurance.

Jacob began to speak to Shen, but Shen instantly divulged, “I have placed a Project HAMMER, similar to that which you have just seen, beneath every major city across Iifa.” He continued, “I have told you this because you, Jacob, are now the world’s only hope. You will die here now and I shall resurrect you. If you do not, billions will die.”

Jacob discreetly pulled a sending stone which gave him instant contact with Anton Marcus and relayed his final message to the King, telling him of Shen Lightbringer’s master plan. Jacob refused to be a pawn in Shen’s game and dismissed his own spell, killing himself instantly.

Two days after the incident in the church, Quan Genero returned to the arena with Jacob’s body. The group gave Jacob a proper funeral and burned his body.



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