The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 108

The Road Throuugh Hell

Jacob Cromwell’s loss has disrupted the group. Kohkanest has left to confront Shen Lightbringer, Sergio Leone has been practicing with Mephisto to learn to control its dark powers in effort to kill the false Yeshuah. The Wardens, less Jacob and Koh, are called by John Winterdusk to the city guard’s hold. Winterdusk replays the final message from Jacob for the party which reveals Shen’s diabolical plan.

A demonfused man enters the meeting room carrying Kohkanest’s unconscious body. Winterdusk introduces him as Cassius Deepcrow, a demonfused from Akumephis who overthrew the demon within him and seeks to rid Akumephis of the demonic taint. In the streets of Sempaurora, a large construct has come to the capitol, seeking the city guard’s attention. It displays an illusion of Shen, who delivers a message to the world. He states that he has killed the hero Jacob Cromwell and that he is on his way to the Veil. Once there, he will resurrect the fallen halfling and he needs the help of the world. If they mourn the loss of this hero together, he will return. If they refuse to cooperate, it will mean the annihilation of Iifa.

The veil is known to be at the northernmost point of Iifa, guarded by an immortal spirit – Fenrir. With Cassius’ aid, the party takes the teleporter to Akumephis and begins traveling north, where they will meet with Shen Lightbringer and his minions.

They encounter demons before the land of Akumephis gives way to an endless span of ice floes. Navigating through the glaciers is more difficult, but they press on. Eventually they reach a larger glacier, where Baelak awaits them. Though Baelak is a powerful opponent, he is intercepted by Cassius, who throws the Sun Alpha into the frigid waters below. Kohkanest calls out to his former master, asking if the power he exchanged Takazorros in favor of was worth the betrayal.

Just short of the north pole, the party sees the silhouette of Fenrir in profile: a massive wolf larger than a building. Kohkanest calls to the guardian spirit, begging for safe passage. At his voice, Fenrir’s silhouette turns to the origin of the sound with three heads alert. As it steps into vision, they can see that the demonic taint has corrupted Fenrir as well, turning him into a demonic aberration of what he had once been. The Wardens have great difficulty in bringing down The Legendary Beast but ultimately prevail, knocking the immortal beast unconscious. Before it recovers, they move onward.



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