The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 109

The Lost City of New Valhalla

Encircling the North Pole of Iifa is an ancient abandoned city with high walls and alien architecture of heroic humans from another plane. The party approached the city walls, where they were greeted by two mechanical statues (Kolyaruts) who welcomed them to “New Valhalla” and invited them to visit the Church of Odin. Once they entered into the city, the malfunctioning constructs identified them as thieves and began to attack them.

After destroying the Kolyaruts, the party found the remains of a snow fox which had been cut open and had its entrails smeared across the tundra. Realizing that this is a form of divination called extispicy, taught to Kohkanest and Aklessia by his former mentor, Koh reads the divination and translates it into a map of the best route for them to follow to reach the Veil. They follow the trail to the Temple of Odin and Kohkanest realizes that the runes used in the alphabet of the buildings are the same as the runes that he uses in his divination and that he is able to read their language.

Koh began to lead the party and takes them to a long underground room, which is nearly empty, save for a relief on the far wall of a demon reaching out of the design and looming down over a paladin who was surrounded by skeletons. Two unlit torches stood at either end of the mural. Cassius went to light the torch, but as he stepped closer the demon swiped at him with a claw and bellowed. As the undead and the paladin within the mural also came to life and attacked from the confines of the doom wall, it began crawling towards them to crush the adventurers between both walls.

The doomwall drained its foes with every contact they gave it and nearly swallowed Sergio Leone who at one point tried to touch the wall. Once the demon was killed, the wall stopped and slid into the ground, opening a passageway behind it to a secret door.

When they entered the room, they found housing for three people. Kohkanest finds an old log of Thulin, who says that he is the son of Odin and the brother to Oethur. Thulin’s Diary tells the story of a young man more interested in politics who believes in power through his friends, which is a contrast to Odin and Otheur, his favored son. Odin came to this world and settled here for a period, but returned. After his father returns through the portal, Thulin leaves for the lands to the south, while Otheur stays behind. Oether is revealed to have later encountered the party of gods and wrestles against Kord, losing and allowing the party to pass. He later follows in his brother’s footsteps and heads out for the world, where he will later settle in Ultima Thule.

After they face another construct, the party finds themselves just short of the Veil, which is at the top of a tower.



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