The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 201

Reunions, Rescues and Reanimated Corpses

An airship, known as The Blessed Albatross begins filling with heroes from around the world, who have responded to the call of saving Sergio Leone. Joy Stovelli, her boyfriend Shen Lightbringer, Sun Alpha Kohkanest of the Quillfeather Tribe, a curious dwarf with an unusual aptitude for awakened metals named Arwin, and a number of the Wardens have boarded and rush to rescue the assassin. First on scene is Hikaryu Savarem, pulls the weakened Sergio from the building. They are attacked by demons, which Seraphima is able to stand against, but it is not until the Albatross arrives and the Wardens assemble that any progress is made. From the distance, Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero come to lend assistance.

Shen, realizing what is happening to Segio, touches Sergio and pulls some of the demon energy from his body. Sergio is able to move once more and the heroes head to the extraction point. Hagith, one of the Judges of Akumephis catches up with the party and attacks Sergio. Though the party is able to overpower him, Hagith begs for mercy. He points to the horizon, where a flood of undead have began moving south towards them. Hagith offers his aid in combating them in exchange for his life. All of the Wardens except for Sergio refuse and Hagith is killed.

The heroes fight the undead menace and form a defense to stop the undead from moving further south. The King has ordered their presence, however and they leave the affair to the other Wardens and return to Sempaurora.



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