The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 202

The Slacker Prodigy

After welcoming back Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero, a minor ceremony is held in their honor. The Wardens are given medals for their deeds and then requested to lend their power to a mission. The Dawn Alliance agent, Inugami Yoshi has also called for an evacuation. He has been trapped in a shrine beneath Drass Aristocracy.

The heroes make their way to the underground temple where they find a series of altars dedicated to The Great Spirits. Beyond a series of traps and a maze of passageways, they find another agent of Mediggo, who is surprised to see Jacob. Revealing himself as Evan Bryce, the slacker former pupil of Jacob laments that he has a job to do and attacks the party with Calamitas and Venia. Though he is nimble, Sergio Leone outmaneuvers the young agent and stabs him through the throat with both daggers, killing him.

They rescue Inugami, who warns them that a voice has been telling him and Evan to leave the temple since he entered. The spirit, now furious about his temple being desecrated materializes in the small chamber and stands, bursting through the streets of the Drass Aristocracy. Xuchilbara, the first Harbinger spirit begins rampaging in the metropolis.



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