The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 204

What's The Power Level, Kenneth?

The Wardens were given access to an airship, The Blessed Albatross, which they would need in order to attack Bahamut. They traveled below The Drass Aristocracy and found the castle underground that they had entered was the airship. The Albatross, no more than a Fortress anchored into a massive lump of Wind Elementium , began to slowly take them to Sidarthalem. Along the way, they found a warrior who fought a spirit creature that seemed to be a shadow of the Harbingers alone. Once they landed and spoke to the man, he revealed himself as Sha-Kai Zan-Sul, a warrior who had come to Iifa from the Feywild while exploring a mysterious landmark. He and Kohkanest were quick to identify with one another and he was asked to help in the mission to quell the Harbingers, which he revealed as the King, Generals and heroes of the Feywild who were killed while fighting Mephisto and his demon army.

The Albatross took to the sky and defeated Bahamut in aerial combat. Bahamut clung to the side of the ship and began to tear it apart, but the Wardens rushed to the exterior of the ship and attacked the Harbinger directly. As a final attack, Bahamut lashed out with a breath weapon which melted through the poorly built airship instantly. Jacob reacted defensively, shielding the party in an aura of his fully unleashed spiritual energy. Though they were spared from the wrath of the breath weapon, they were 6,000 feet above Sidarthalem and falling along with the Harbinger and the remains of the airship. Jacob and Kohkanest worked together and managed to reach the Wind Elementium core of the airship, which fell slower and offered safety. Quan offered his bag of holding for Sha-Kai to enter, but the Feywild native refused and teleported to the safety of the slowly falling core. Quan entered the bag and exited his linked bag in his hometown of Jhaberta.

The Wardens, sans Quan, landed safetly in a newly formed crater with Bahamut in the center. Bahamut apologized for his anger, but said that the churches that had no honor for the spirits angered him. Jacob said that the crater would soon become a memorial to the spirits where this day would never be forgotten. Bahamut took the form of his humanoid self and led Koh to the site where his shrine had been buried, lost to the ages. While the two were looking for this, Jacob received a message from John Winterdusk, informing him that there was a cloaked figure heading south through Akumephis killing anyone who stood in his way. Jacob warned him to tell all of his men not to engage the figure in combat.

Quan was briefed on the status of the Harbinger Behemoth, who was razing downtown Jhaberta. Quan was given sending stones by Delilah Pomeroy before she opening the teleportation portal for him. The party agreed to meet in Izaru, where they would next confront [Jormungandr. They arrived and met Lee, who had settled down to help his monastery. Lee showed off his new Awakened Weapon, which he had learned to control through the instruction of Muramasa Sengo. Sha-Kai began to understand that the Awakened Metals of this world were prisons for the spirits of his own world. He viewed the weapons with disgust and cursed those who would enslave the spirits in such a manner. The Wardens sought the local representative of Sempauurora in the nation and were directed to Hikaryu Savarem, who was in the imperial district to discuss foreign relations with the Emperor. Hikaryu offered to bring them to the site where the Harbinger rested, but requested to stop by his master’s residence first. Sha-Kai noticed the difference between the way that Lee carried his sword and the synergetic bond that Savarem and Seraphima shared. Wishing to see the savior of his world with his own eyes, Sha-Kai asked Hikaryu to release Seraphima before him. Hikaryu obliged, knowing that his sword’s spirit was moved.

They met with Masamune Okazaki at his humble house, who welcomed them and had much to say on the spirits of Awakened Metals and the angered Harbingers, stating that they must both be respected. As he spoke, a brash young man entered and challenged the swordsmith to a contest of swords. Though the party dismissed the child and admonished him for his rudeness, Masamune accepted a peaceful display of swords.

Sengo displayed the might of Juuchi Fuyu, cutting a single grain of rice among many perfectly, freezing them all with “The Blade of a Thousand Winters”. Masamune led the group to his garden, where he dipped [[Yawaraka-Te]] into the currents of the koi pond. The water and leaves gently moved around the blade and even a koi swam through the blade, which did not cut it. Muramasa scoffed at his master, but was rebuked by Hikaryu, who saw the significance of the blade. It was not a simple tool made to cut indiscriminately, he claimed. “My master’s sword has more wisdom than you will ever obtain.” Disgraced, Sengo fled.

Masamune offered his house as a resting place for the adventurers until the morning, when Hikaryu would lead them to the lair. Midway through the night, an alert sounded through the town. The Wardens scrambled to their feet, assuming it to be the Harbinger attacking the town, but found Muramasa Sengo before he was cut in two by a man armored by magical crystals. The agent of Mediggo tossed Juuichi Fuyu to his undead allies before turning his blades of crystal against the party.

Fighting Walter Vernier displayed the full potential of the spellwarped technomages of Project HAMMER. Walter’s body remained in a constant flux of defense as the crystals in his body hardened him to various states of invulnerability. Despite this, Walter was too confident in his defense and left himself vulnerable. He was killed by Jacob Cromwell.



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