The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 205

Jump The Bulette

After being led to the lair of Jormungandr by Hikaryu Savarem, the heroes found themselves at the entrance of a series of winding tunnels that the Harbinger used to move beneath Izaru. Kohkanest called upon his powers of divination to locate the surest path and they head into the caverns. The Wardens encountered many perils including steam geysers, darting weta and ravenous maggots that attempted to swallow them whole. The heroes survived the ordeals and came upon Jormungandr, who was easily pacified by Kohkanest’s empathatic skills of a spiritual medium. The beast showed Kohkanest the location of its shrine and this information was relayed to the Dawn Alliance, who arranged to excavate for the shrine. Jormungandr told the party that he was normally docile, but would lose himself to rage and a desire to feed on mortals. As long as he was pacified by Koh’s prescence, he would be fine.

John Winterdusk contacted Jacob Cromwell and told him that while they were gone, an agent of Mediggo had attacked Savarem. The party returned to Masamune Okazaki’s home and found the samurai recovering in his master’s care. Hikaryu told the party that he had done everything in his power to protect the Ice Spirit Juuchi Fuyu, but the woman who attacked him seemed to be able to split into countless illusions of herself. It was only after he began singling out the image of her with a dismembered eye on its shoulder that he was able to locate her true body, but even that was invulnerable, as her body was made of a viscous and uncuttable material. Jacob understood this to be two agents working together: Pierre Daray and Vanessa Raleigh. Not wanting to waste valuable time allowing Hikaryu’s injuries to heal, Jacob expended a spell to cure Savarem magically, but lost control of his ability and cast a far more powerful prayer, which completely healed Hikaryu and the injuries of everyone in the room.

After the spell, Jacob’s body began to lose its form. Wisps of dissipating energy left Cromwell’s extremities and it seemed like his spiritual body was beginning to dissolve. Kohkanest, desperate for a way to help, summoned a spirit whom he had interacted with previously to evaluate Jacob’s condition. Jacob’s spiritual essence was too dense to hold its shape. His recent actions had exploded his energy levels and without an anchor to this world, these energies began to spill away from his soul’s core. The spirit helped to solidify Jacob’s spirit once more, but said that it was only a temporary solution. If this problem was not resolved, Jacob’s spirit would dissipate to nothing. Hikaryu took Seraphima and agreed to escort Jormungandr to the crater in Sidarthalem. With the savior of the Feywild at his side, the Harbinger would remain in control.

The Wardens moved north into Takazorros, which had no teleportation portal. At one of the border settlements, they found a scene of carnage. An entire tribe of goblins had been slaughtered, but none seemed to be in a panic or even defending themselves. Victims were reportedly eaten. Organs were found prepared in marinates. Kohkanest used a divination ability, extispicy, and was given a location for the source of this threat. They followed Koh’s map to a cave in the side of a mountain range and entered a magically cooled cavern. Within this, they discovered Feral, a fat cannibalistic goblin. Feral attacked the group with a seven foot long knife and set off a series of blender-like traps. The heroes faced off against their toughest foe yet, weathering through a debilitating cold, spinning razor traps, the undead guard dog of the glutton, and the monster itself. Before dying, Feral gestured to the insignia of Hel on its great knife and said in the Aesyrian tongue (which only Kohkanest could comprehend), “My gut shall be the gateway to Hell.”

Before the cannibal was fell, Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero had succumbed to the paralyzing effects of the frigid interior and Sha-Kai Zan-Sul was only just standing. Unable to understand the significance of the creature and his connection to Aesyr, they continued onwards into Takazorros.



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