The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 206

Things to Do in Takazorros When You're Dead

The party marches north into Takazorros as Kohkanest leads them towards the newly re-established Druidic Grove, which is attempting to recover from the massacre at the direction of the False Yeshuah. The defender of the druids, Koh’s second in command, a ranger named Greck, tells the party of Ladon. He gives a report of encountering the many headed monster while traveling with his animal companion, Kiki the Wolf and also advises the party that the Yeshuah is in the area. Recently, Sergio Leone came to Takazorros to defeat and recruit Kamatari Fuu. The Wardens traveled to Ladon’s last known location and encountered Joy Stovelli and Shen Lightbringer, who were looking for clues on Sergio’s recent appearance. Despite Joy being energetic, Shen tells another story of erratic moodswings and strange changes in her personality. Despite his fears, Koh assures him that she is probably just under stress. When Joy calls for a break during the trek and steals Shen’s rations, the party begins to understand that there is a different reason for the change in character.

Though it is an awkward exchange, Jacob tells Joy that she is “in a state” and warns her that continuing to fight will be bad for her child. The heroes come to a nomadic tribe of lazy hobgoblins. The weakest of the hobgoblin tribe have been known to fall under its thrall when Ladon moves near. The heroes rest for a while and Kohkanest receives a portent: Jacob must be prepared to die or they will not defeat the next Harbinger. The party becomes aware of hobgoblins falling under a strange trance and, after reprimanding their lazy pack alpha, the Wardens continue on after Ladon. They fight against a tribe of shifters that are worshiping an animated idol along the way and Kohkanest casts a spell that will force one of the captured shifters to speak only the truth. The shifter appears to still lie, but when the party realizes that the shifter is speaking as Ladon, they begin to understand why all of the creatures in the area are acting strangely. Ladon unconsciously leaks enough power to dominate others and act through their bodies.

The heroes come to a valley where Ladon resides. The mutliheaded monster has the powers of regeneration and can even regrow heads when one is destroyed, which quickly creates a countless number of snapping jaws. The party is able to bring the spirit down, but are greatly wounded. Though Ladon takes a humanoid form, he continues to battle, crushing the heroes under his spiritual force. Jacob tells Kohkanest that his portent is about to come true and mimics the ability, letting his false body dissolve and exerting as much power as he can. Kohkanest hones Jacob’s spiritual power to strike down Ladon and watches as Jacob once again becomes wispy and transparent. Jacob alleviates Koh’s worries saying, “It’s okay if I die here. You know I’ll be back again.”

Jacob explodes with power, overwhelming both Kohkanest and Ladon, but is unable to control himself any longer. His radiating power pours from his body and raises him into the air. Joy and Shen come into the valley, worried for Jacob’s safety. Shen, realizing that Jacob has no other hope, removes his glove and begins pulling the excess power from Jacob’s spiritual body. He rips an earring from his ear and pours the excess power into his gem. Jacob is once again able to move and returns to his body-like appearance. Shen is unconscious on the ground and everyone is able to see a necrotic burn on his hand, which Shen wakes and attempts to hide. When confronted, he says that it is a scar that he received from pulling the demonic power out of Sergio (Session 201). He also says that he will do anything to repay his debt to Sergio, whom he owes his life. Jacob says that Sergio’s current situation was his fault and that if Sergio becomes a problem that Jacob will take care of it himself. Kohkanest uses a detect spirits ability to look at Shen’s hand and does not notice anything foreign in his body. Continuing to survey the party, he notices that Jacob’s spirit is shining brighter than the others, Jacques’ spirit seems to have two polar halves within the same spirit, and Joy’s spirit is a raw collection of life, which seems to emanate from the unborn baby and Joy’s body. The party realizes that this may be one of The Great Spirits that Meddigo seeks. When this is spoken, an agent of Meddigo appears, noting that “bugging the Yeshuah has paid off”. Sylvia Lalonde utilizes her Spellwarped ability to rip the shadows from another and pits the party against themselves as she attempts to pull the spirit from Joy’s unborn baby.

Despite Sylvia’s strange ability, the party is able to kill her and protect Joy Stovelli and her unborn child.



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