The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 207

The Sinner, The Saint, and The Prophet

Having defeated Ladon, the Harbinger in Takazorros, the party travels to the undead frontlines in Akumephis. They reunite with Amarok Chozell, who is doing his best to lead the defense against the undead horde. They leave Shen and Joy in the encampment and move north to the frontlines, led by Brimms Flamel. The Wardens enter a battle between the demons, the undead and Fenrir, the immortal three headed wolf, which could swallow and imprison them in his gut. Although they defeated Fenrir relatively easily, when Sha-Kai beheaded the monster, it turned another head to roar at it and continued fighting on with an entirely new set of abilities. Also in the encounter were swarms of Vringlakim, or Whisper Demons. A whisper demon would flutter around a target’s head, seeming to whisper directly into the target’s heart. When Fenrir’s second head was defeated however, the Harbinger’s final head took control of its body and told the party that it would handle the undead from here and Fenrir began driving back the undead horde. The Vringlakim turned out to be the biggest threat to the party as they shattered the egos of each hero with a slight flutter, singling out Kohkanest, who had earlier received a portent about Sergio that he kept a secret.

Vringlakim Quotes: Jacob
  • “Everyone will abandon your council and turn against you.”
  • “You were taught incorrectly and so you can only spread false information to those you teach”
  • “Your pride is your sin.”
  • “You are a burden to all whom you know.”
  • “Everyone you care about will die at your hands and you shall awaken to a world of death.”
  • “Your wrathful hands can produce nothing more than slaughter.”
  • “You are only a monster.”
  • “Despite all of your gifts, you are helpless.”
  • “You have no strength of your own.”
  • “After Sergio turns against the world, Jacob will blame you.”
  • “You aren’t really in another world. You have died and this is all an illusion.”
  • “Your allies trust you, but you will die before they need you most.”
  • “After you have died and the sword in your hand has rusted away, your life will be forgotten and meaningless.”

Upon returning to the Dawn Alliance encampment, they found themselves awaited by a cloaked figure (referenced in Session 204), who revealed himself to be Evan Bryce, but now wielding a scythe, four barbs from his extremities and the insignia of Hel on his chest. When Jacob began lecturing him, the lethargic young man countered that Jacob and he were the same: “Ugh. Don’t get all high and mighty with me, professor. You’re no better. I know all about you! What’s the difference between choosing the power of a cult and choosing the power of a rival god?” He also commented on Jacob’s failures, citing himself and Sergio as mistakes that Jacob had made.

Jacob led the heroes against his former pupil, but midway through the fight, Evan took the form of a spirit and resisted the attacks of the Wardens. He mocked Jacob for not predicting that he would have the same abilities as a spirit from beyond and gave a clear warning to the party: “Once the sins are assembled, She will make her move. I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you two,” revealing to the party of the existence and importance of “Sins” and the fact that two of them resided within the party.



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