The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 208

The Organ Trail

Though their battle with Evan Bryce did not end in victory and left them with a mystery, the party had no other choice but to continue on to the next two Harbingers: Scylla and Behemoth. Jacob Cromwell contacted Blaine Crucoy to report on the existence of the Sins, conjecturing that they were agents of Hel returned from the dead to do her bidding. After spreading his warning, Crucoy asked for the location of The Wardens and an airship appeared on the horizon. The Praxis II, creation of Dwarf mage Arwin and the turned fugitive Ray Starkiller, flew in bringing the King, Thomas Shoney, and Cynthia Trueshine. Arwin, the timid dwarf, welcomed them aboard and began directing the ship towards Sempaurora’s coast. Koh shared his recent premonition that Sergio would fall to Mephisto and warned the party that very soon they may have to fight their own ally. Sha-Kai reeled at the news that he had been allied with friends of the devil’s vessel, but was told that Sergio would not lose to Mephisto easily. Despite Koh’s certainty, Jacob retained belief in Sergio’s spirit. When they arrived in Sempaurora, the firepower of the Praxis II reduced the Harbinger of the sea from a fearsome shelled creature into a defenseless mound, which Koh quickly overpowered and convinced to peacefully come with them to the Shrine of the Feywild. Along the way to the sanctuary, Kohkanest was seized by a powerful vision of a figure being lost to darkness and collapsed under the divine recoil. When brought back to consciousness, he prepared the party to battle with Mephisto, though Sha-Kai held little hope.

The Wardens returned to the crater, where Masamune Okazaki had begun directing the available hands to erect a housing for the spirits. Jacob Cromwell and Kohkanest asked Xuchilbara about the final Harbinger. Though they were told that in life Behemoth held a reputation for being invincible, it was a shock to everyone when the same volley that had blasted Scylla down to a defenseless core had no effect on the spirit. A surveying of the Harbinger by the Praxis II’s sensors revealed that the lasers had in fact injured it, leaving an open orifice in its left trunk. Jacob commanded the Wardens onward and asked to be lowered towards the opening: the Wardens were going in.

A volley of harpoons rooted into Behemoth’s side and the party slid down cables to stand on the monster’s hip, where they climbed up into the orifice and below the monster’s diaphragm. They battled their way up the creature’s torso, fighting parasites within its gut and avoiding the dangers of its internal organs. When the party entered into the open area of the monster’s upper chest, they found the beast’s heart. Two demonfused agents working for Mediggo appeared wielding Calamitas and Venia and Kazesore Subarashi and began protecting the heart, proclaiming, “Hail Mephisto.” Behemoth again proved itself as not being defenseless, turning its heart into a barbed monster that attacked the party whenever it came near.

The demonfused agent wielding the blade was taken down, but Sha-Kai had trouble defeating his ally, which suspended Sha-Kai in the air and brought him to the edge of death. Before Sha-Kai could be revitalized, the heart gave out finally to Quan’s attacks and the Harbinger disappeared around them. The party and their demon foe plummeted seven stories to the ground.

During the fall, Sha-Kai engaged his enemy, slashing at the agile demonfused. To protect him, Jacob healed Sha-Kai in exchange for his own safety, slamming on the ground full force, hoping that his spirit form would absorb the fatal damage. Kohkanest descended lightly and continued combat. Before the heroes could regroup, the agent ended the combat, firing a round from the awakened guns into his chin.

Though the Harbinger was defeated, the heroes were unable to return to the airship. Thomas Shoney told them that they could be airlifted out if they were in an open area or on the roof of a building. Without much choice, the heroes prepared themselves for a grueling march through the anarchic streets of Jhaberta.



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