Shen Lightbringer

A strong willed hero with the power to steal the souls of another with a touch


Harbinger Bard Has a Thundering Rapier Guarded by Hikaryu Savarem and Alstoy LeMuir


Though Shen Lightbringer was an intelligent young man with skills that would make any minstrel proud, he was shunned by his family. He was born in a clan of legendary heroes that were known for their brute strength and swordsmanship, traits that Shen lacked. In his darkest hours, he discovered that he had the ability to rip spiritual power from anyone he made skin contact with and could even tear out a man’s soul entirely. He decided to use this power to return his lover from the grave and was consumed by his own power.

After his defeat by Sergio Leone, Kohkanest and Jacob Cromwell; he was given a life sentence that required him to be jailed/no further than 30 feet from the Yeshuah at all times and that he must also constantly wear garments to cover all of his skin. He still has his heart in the right place and does all he can to protect the heroes of Iifa, even at the cost of his own health.

Shen Lightbringer

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