Spirit Shaman, Takazorros


Has many javelins. Flaw: Insomniac (Nightmares) Feat: Access to Skill: Divination


Kohkanest (“Koh”) has been able to “feel” destiny since birth. A natural diviner with an exceptionally attuned “Inner Eye”, Koh mastered many forms of divination including Cartomancy, Augury and Extispicy. Though more intelligent than his savage brethren, he never sought to steal the throne of Alpha. He trained under the Mystic Pua’kein to further bring out his fate-sensitivity, but in the end only exposed Pua’kein as a charlatan. After having the false mystic exiled, Koh was taken in as an adviser to the Sun Alpha, Baelak the Feirce.

Koh attempted to master his rare ability, but often met with failure. After failing to save a young girl and nearly dying himself, Koh passed out in the woods. While unconscious, he had a dream of many powerful figures standing together. Their blinding potential shone from their hearts, but one shone brighter. This light spread through the world, healing the rotting earth and covering the 7 nations equally. Resuscitated by his baboon Spirit Guide, Koh began the trek to Sempaurora. Once there, he found the council responsible for the creation of the trials, but only in the stages of planning. With Koh’s help, they were able to find many potentials.


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