Jacob Cromwell

Rogue/Cleric, Sempaurora


A naive loyalist to the nation, Jacob believes in the mission statement of Sempaurora with his entire being. An covert operative of the nation, Jacob worked for the military without question. Since the death of Anton Marcus, many of his superiors have tried to send the halfling to his death. After returning from many suicide missions, Marcus’ successor Blaine Crucoy discovered the hardworking operative and instead allowed him an early retirement.

In his new life as a humbly impoverished history teacher, Jacob found himself content and reveled in the peace retirement had brought him. After six years in hiding, he was eventually called back into action. After surviving another suicide mission at the request of Head of the Unified Church of Sempaurora, Danner Smythe, Jacob was invited to serve the Kingdom once and prove himself the Yeshuah. After this, Danner instead offered Jacob the opportunity to instead serve the church’s independent goals. Annoyed with the treachery, Jacob refused and warned Danner that he served each branch equally. He left for the tournament with a heart divided between the goals of the state and his love of the quiet life he was torn from.

Jacob Cromwell

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