The Yeshuah Prophecy

The Yeshuah Prophecy: Movie 1
Sunny Adventure in the Nation of Light

In the much anticipated movie of the long running series, the heroes are called by King Blaine Crucoy with a desperate request: the starlight gem of Sempaurora has been stolen! A renegade sect of paladins have declared war on the Effulgent Kingdom and taken its most powerful artifact as ransom for the throne! In the distant past, the heroes known as the Light Warriors were the champions of Sempaurora. In their ranks were Shimmer, the sorceress who could amplify light into a blade of justice; Effs Top, a fencer with the ability to paralyze his foes with a flash of light; Nyx Black, a deadly assassin and former Operative of the Nation; and the most powerful warrior of Sempaurora since Gui Naq: Maximum Light!

In the movie’s climax, the Light Warriors have successfully thwarted the efforts of The Wardens and nearly killed Jacques Dubios in the encounter. However, they are met by Shen Lightbringer, who directs the power of the Yeshuah against the villains, demanding that they surrender to his might. In desperation Maximum Light shatters the Starlight Gem and draws its cosmic power into his own body and defeats Shen with a single attack. Now that the False Yeshuah has failed, only our battered and beaten heroes can stand against the former champions!

Deciding that the best way to defeat their foes is to split up, the Wardens break off and face the Light Warriors one on one. Kohkanest matches magical might against Shimmer, Jacques tries to overcome Top’s illusion, Sergio crosses blades with Nyx, and Jacob Cromwell faces off against Maximum Light. Though nearly losing his life in the ordeal Kohkanest is able to finally understand Shimmer’s ability and mimics it. Before Shimmer can comprehend the reasons behind this, Kohkanest swings a tower of light down on his enemy, dividing her with her own weapon. Though Jacques is unable to see through Effs’ power, he realizes that it does not fully stop him. With the knowledge that at least part of him is able to resist the paralysis, Jacques focuses his concentration to that part of his mind and continues to fight, easily overwhelming his unprepared victim. As the carnage of Nyx and Sergio’s battle rages, Sergio realizes that there is a power in his weapon that needs to be foreshadowed. For an instant he calls on the dormant power of his rapier and does something that probably isn’t fully shown, but looks cool. Anyway, keep watching the series.

Jacob has fruitlessly attacked Maximum Light many times and finally is impaled by the warrior’s sword. The veteran mocks the halfling, stating that no matter how much either of them have fought, the world will never be changed. He begs the operative to cease his resistance, as it will kill him. Jacob defiantly refuses, saying that he is always ready to die for the good of the world and embeds the weapon further into his chest, allowing himself to reach the Light Warrior. Without hesitation, Jacob stabs a dagger into the Light’s head and saves the day.

After a brief ceremony in Semapaurora’s capitol, the party is seen setting out from the castle’s walls, ready to continue fighting to their deaths.

Session 107
Project HAMMER

With Matua’s death, one of the threats in the Sempauroran Civil War fell apart. The Wardens then turned their attention to The Dawn Alliance, who met with the heroes to speak of a better world. Their leader, Cynthia Trueshine, sought to unite the world under one council and begged Sempaurora for its help. The Wardens realized that she was not a threat and met with Thomas Shoney at the newly formed “True Church”, which had not succumbed to the heresy of the False Gods. With Thomas’ blessing, Jacob Cromwell set out to do what he realized that he should have done long ago.

Once inside the stronghold for The United Church of Sempaurora, they were attacked by fanatical clergymen, who began tapping into profane abilities to strike down the invaders. Jacques Dubois fell in the fight and returned to his feet as Quan Genero, the Operative of the State for Jhaberta, who had been Jacques’ alter ego. With a party that now worked together better, the team continued on through the church’s courtyard, where they discovered Ray Starkiller, a mercenary who rode a hovering bike of Awakened Metals. Using the living weapon as an mount, he attacked the party as per the terms of his contract.

Despite the abilities of Praxis, his bike, he was defeated by Kohkanest, who struck down the spirit within his bike, rendering the outrider a meek footsoldier. Ray accepted defeat and warned the party that despite honoring the contract of his employers, he noticed something strange below the Church. He fearfully referred to feeling a presence that he had not felt in over 20 years. With memories of Project HAMMER still fresh in his mind, Jacob sped away to find Peter Grandyville. Below the Church, they found a small laboratory, where Grandyville stood before a fully completed HAMMER, one three times larger than that which destroyed Thule, creating the Tainted Ruins of Akumephis. Jacob charged through the clerics to confront Peter before the arcane explosive. Due to the HAMMER’s instability, all spells cast in the lab only fed into the mithril shell, bolstering the chaotic energies within. Grandyville proved to be an exceptional cleric and he taunted Jacob.

“Fool! Only now, now that it is too late, do you realize the TRUE POWER of the Unified Church of Sempaurora!”

Jacob faced a brutal pounding from Grandyville’s cudgel, but called upon his newfound divinity to strike back. He struck the evil cleric and retorted, “I’ve found a Higher Power,” as his attack swallowed Grandyville in light. Quan Genero, being a master Technomage of Jhaberta had a great understanding of the Awakened Metals that gave birth to the HAMMER before them and instructed the party to help him teleport it over the ocean, where they could detonate it safely. Understanding that the party would split up at this point, they all agreed to meet in the arena in Sempaurora where they had all met before. Kohkanest, Lee and Sergio went to spread the warning to others, but Sergio was stopped by Inugami Yoshi, who began to instruct him on releasing the full power of his sword, which contained a spirit, Mephisto.

Jacob and Quan rode the highly unstable HAMMER over Sempaurora’s skyline and took it out to sea. With the help of a fly spell, the two left the HAMMER in the ocean and attempted to escape its blast radius. The HAMMER detonated prematurely and the two found themselves teleported through time and space in the center of Takazorros, where Alstoy LeMuir and Hikaryu Savarem teleported in.

The exhausted pair fought off the two swordsmen, but Alstoy showed his true potential, discarding his cutlass to ignite twin blades of power from his fists. Quan and Jacob decided to split up and flee, but only Jacob was pursued. Shen Lightbringer appeared before Jacob, his rapier in hand. Jacob was barely able to stand and was only conscious due to a spell of Bear’s Endurance.

Jacob began to speak to Shen, but Shen instantly divulged, “I have placed a Project HAMMER, similar to that which you have just seen, beneath every major city across Iifa.” He continued, “I have told you this because you, Jacob, are now the world’s only hope. You will die here now and I shall resurrect you. If you do not, billions will die.”

Jacob discreetly pulled a sending stone which gave him instant contact with Anton Marcus and relayed his final message to the King, telling him of Shen Lightbringer’s master plan. Jacob refused to be a pawn in Shen’s game and dismissed his own spell, killing himself instantly.

Two days after the incident in the church, Quan Genero returned to the arena with Jacob’s body. The group gave Jacob a proper funeral and burned his body.

Session 106
The Unyielding General

After disbanding the Disciples of Yeshuah, Dawn Trueshine came to the party for their help. She had been released due to the civil war that had ignited since their absence. Knowing that the nation was helpless, The United Church of Sempaurora seceded from the state and declared war on the government. Also recognizing the weakness of the King, a sizable portion of the army broke away to pursue their own goals, setting up camp in a residential area they claimed for themselves. A third, peaceful faction The Dawn Alliance rose from this chaos to state to the world that something needed to be done and declared itself a non-partisan objector, asking the nations of the world to unite to overcome the chaos that had flooded the world since Shen Lightbringer’s appearance. In the southwest district, a riot had broken out and anarchists razed the city.

The Wardens decided to first face the former general of the Sempauroran Army, Clarence Matua, and were led to his encampment. The enlarged warlord advised the party to also turn against the monarchy, which was helpless and could no longer aid the state since Anton Marcus’ death. Matua called Jacob “The Last Sempauroran” and said that the old ways were dying. Offended by the general’s treatment of the common man, Jacob told Matua that he was mistaken in believing that Sempaurora was dead, as Sempaurora was comprised of its people and the truest heroes were the commoners who worked for a living and shouldered the fate of the entire nation. Jacob recalled his divine power by placing his faith in the community rather than the divine and, bolstered by his spells once more, struck down the warlord.

After the events of the day, the party rested in the guard station, but were awoken by Sergio’s cousin, Mario Leone, in a mechanized Jhabertan suit, come to exact revenge on his father’s murder. Even with the power of state of the art technology, he still cannot equal to Sergio Leone and is beaten soundly by his cousin. Sergio gives him the message for the Leone Family to never again attempt to claim revenge on Giovanni Leone’s death, but despite Mario’s weakness he gives Sergio a warning: all of his family will come to retaliate at one point or another, he was only the first.

Session 105
The Disciples of Yeshuah

Jacob Cromwell calls together a meeting of the council to discuss the Yeshuah and the world’s stances on Shen Lightbringer’s aims. Much of the world sees the Yeshuah as a hero of light and trusts in the Prophecies of the Yeshuah, which make the Chosen One seem an agent of peace. With the exception of Izaru, which has sent assassins for the hero, the entire world believes that he is doing good. Jacob, Jacques, Koh, Sergio and Lee form The Wardens, a neutral group dedicated to stopping extremists on both sides and undoing the destruction caused by the Yeshuah and his opponents. At King Blaine Crucoy’s order, The Wardens go to Jhaberta to stop a faction known as The Disciples of Yeshuah.

While some of the members of the Disciples seem like harmless sheep, a scientist comes to Jacques Dubios to unveil the results of his experiments: a series of puppets created from corpses with the intent of housing restored souls. After destroying his puppets and killing him, they recover the directions owned by a priest in amongst the Disciples that describe the process to becoming a False God, one similar to Phaeleg. They confronted the would be Death God and killed him also, but not before his fight could allow a chance for their leader to escape. Despite having the benefit of a head start and a magical advantage in the flight, he was caught and arrested by Lee.

Session 104
Endorse or Denounce! The World Awaits Your Answer, Great Heroes of Iifa! Pledge The "Truth of Your Heart"!

The party seemed to all be in favor of the Yeshuah’s plan to destroy death and resurrect Joy Stovelli with the exception of Sergio Leone and Jacob Cromwell. The party was granted time by Shen Lightbringer to roam the city and return with a final answer later. Jacques wandered into the market, where he was confronted by Colton Lugers, one of the Potentials. Lugers had come to demand that Jacques Dubois break all ties with the Yeshuah who would overthrow the Veil or defeat him if he did not comply. Though Colton boasted the Awakened Weapons Calamitas and Venia, Jacques killed the ranger and sold his guns.

Jacob Cromwell, while in the Unitied Church of Sempaurora to speak with the new head cleric Peter Grandyville, was sought out by Amarok Chozell, who offered Jacob a similar ultimatum. Jacob, still unable to cast spells since the discovery of a cult within Sempaurora, instead fled the battle with his phasing ability. Kohkanest found himself also under attack by demonfused mage Brimms Flamel. Hikaryu Savarem came to his aid however and the two caused the attacker to flee.

Sergio had followed Jacob to the Church and noticed an invisible figure leaving through a door, but chose to ignore the rogue and instead just cry out a mockery to the obvious flaw in the man’s ability. He later came against the invisible figure once more as he rushed towards Blaine Crucoy’s castle, making contact with the cloaked figure. The two locked in combat, but Sergio quickly pierced through the shadowy figure’s mask, driving his rapier through his eye. After her unmasked the assassin, he recognized it as his father. Understanding the depth of this betrayal, he burned his father’s body, turning his back on his life as an assassin and his family once and for all.

Sergio returned to Jacob, saying that he needed to turn over a new leaf. Jacob said that he was under order to keep watch on Shen. Understanding that the best way to continue on was to work with Shen at least until a better option presented itself, they returned to the Yeshuah and offered their services. The party together, Shen, Alstoy LeMuir and Hikaryu Savarem led the way to Izaru, where they would meet with Lee’s monastery.

Despite the monastery’s willingness to hear out the Yeshuah, the Emperor of Izaru placed an order to kill the Yeshuah on sight. As they attempted to leave the province, they found three samurai waiting on the top of a bridge with three Awakened Weapons.

The samurai attacked the party members, stating that all allies of the Yeshuah would be killed. Using the weapons Kazesore Subarashi, a cleaver of grinding teeth; Sagashi Yuubii, a projectile throwing defensive weapon; and Tsukiken, a bladed knuckle, they fought the party, nearly killing Jacob Cromwell. During the battle, Sergio made his move, turning invisible to use his assassination abilities on Shen. However as he made the attack, Shen deflected his rapier, stating that he could see through all of Sergio’s abilities now that he had the powers of the Yeshuah.

With the party now against him, Shen cut his losses and gave the order to retreat. Hikaryu Savarem began teleporting those still loyal to Shen away and Shen extended his hand to Koh, and the two disappered. Sergio demanded that Jacques abandon all ties to Shen and Jacques agreed, still believing himself to be the Yeshuah. Despite winning the encounter, they had lost their opportunity to strike Shen and lost Koh’s aid.

Session 103
Jonibella "Joy" Stovelli

With their midweek evaluations, everyone got to hear how the moderators viewed their characters and learned how closely they related to a true hero. Many were called on their bloodlust, others were called on their passive nature. Sergio began to hear that he was a violent man that few could trust from everyone. Despite this constant switch between “friendly face and murder machine”, Sergio was called by the moderators as their honorary Yeshuah who would carry the authority of the Yeshuah until the time when he received the memories of the Chosen One. The heroes were given the day off and teleported to the Drass Aristocracy where they would be given free entrance to a world-renowned carnival.

Jacob Cromwell sought Sergio Leone to speak to him on finding a more peaceful solution to things and Sergio believed that he had been raised incorrectly and sought Jacob’s council. [Hikaryu Savarem then found Jacob to speak to him on unquestioningly serving his country, something that the soulless Hikaryu admired in Jacob. Shen Lightbringer found Sergio to ask about Joy Stovelli. Since his transfer, Joy had been spending time with Shen and enjoyed his company, even talking to Sergio about him many times. However, Shen noticed that Joy remained constantly closed off, something that Sergio said that he knew all to well. Shen apologized for not fighting alongside Sergio’s side, telling the Drassian that his father demanded it of him and he had no intentions of following his footsteps. The two found common ground and made peace with each other before Sergio gave Shen his permission to court Joy.

The festivities were cut short by the arrival of The United Church of Sempaurora, led by Danner Smythe who shot at Joy Stovelli. Even though she was unprepared, Joy managed to deflect it with her bracer, a family heirloom. Smythe claimed that he knew that Joy was the Yeshuah and that she was bulletproof, something Joy had displayed many times before, especially most recently in her fight against Inugami Yoshi. He began to ask for her aid in the world, to which she refused before he could completely make his request. In the ensuing fight, Danner and Dawn Trueshine faced off against the potential Yeshuahs and found themselves being overpowered.

Dawn called upon the power of the “God of Sempaurora” and a being that called itself Phaeleg descended to fight alongside the clerics. Feeling lost with this revelation, Jacob lost all divine abilities and the False God began to destroy the party, sending Shen flying with a single attack and greatly damaging Sergio. Another god appeared, offering his aid to the party, an old samurai with a sword called Retsu Kaji. With his help, the heroes managed to escape and find Joy and Shen where they were being hunted by the clerics.

Danner Smythe spoke from the middle of a firing line to Joy, who stood before Shen shielding him from the guns. He told Joy that although she was immune to danger from projectiles, her boyfriend was not. If she wanted to protect Shen, she would have to serve the church. Joy again refused and the firing line attacked. In her final moments, Joy pulled off her bracer and placed it on Shen’s arm, giving him the projectile resistance in exchange for her own safety. Shen felt her being ripped from his arms as the bullets tore through her body. Despite the death of his girlfriend, Shen felt revitalized and rose in the chaos, channeling eldrich power through his rapier. He began to slaughter the church members alongside the heroes with a newfound power – one that was easily recognized as the Yeshuah’s.

In the aftermath, Shen called the potentials together to discuss these new events. He asked Koh to aid him in bringing these people back to the arena. When he made the request, Koh noticed that he was deep in concentration, writing a long stream of notes in the same runes that Koh used for his premonitions.

At the arena, Shen gave his speech: “As many of you are no doubt aware, I have gained a little power since…well since last night. Its an awakening of something that was already there. Also, I think I’ve taken something from Danner Smythe and Dawn Trueshine. My new abilities aren’t fully known to me yet. I want to let you know, I am not a God. I am still the same guy. I just have an ancient power within me. I understand if this makes you uncomfortable.” “I have come to realize something. Death is a terrible thing and it has taken away someone truly precious. I always believed that Joy . . . was the one. Our Hero. The Legendary Yeshuah. She’s been dead less than four hours and everyone has covered it up and forgotten her. All I have of her is this bracer and you guys have tried to burn it with her clothing and possessions. Doesn’t this seem wrong to you?” “Everyone here is immensely powerful. The chosen of your village. I believe that we were brought together to change things. I believe that if we all band together as it seems we are meant to…we can destroy death. Joy was precious to me. To the world. We need her back. These powers have come with another bonus. A collective memory. I can remember anything from the previous Yeshuah’s lives: People, ancient cities, wars. The most interesting thing I have recalled is an old myth.

_p=. Saw I this morn, the man whom all belove Beset by dream his fear did clutch his heart Othin’s proud son, here peirced by reed and slain To Breidablik entombed eretil we cry The Earth doth weep to break death’s sleep and I Beside you wait at Baldr’s Gate where we Shall live in health and peace for ever more._

“The point is simply this. Death has a loophole. We have a way to bring her back. I intend to do everything I can to help her. I hope that I have your full support on this.”

Sergio reacted with fury, demanding that Shen give up his quest, which was a dishonor to Joy’s memory. Kohkanest begged Shen to slow down and consider things more. Lee agreed, but only if he could speak to his monastery. Jacques thought the entire thing was amusing and readily agreed. Jacob decided to ask the King, Blaine Crucoy who asked him to keep an eye on the “Yeshuah”. Shen realized that the heroes were not ready to commit and offered them more time. He agreed not to take any actions until the party had all joined his side.

Jacob and Lee's Prison Adventure

After defeating Yamada Yoshi, wielder of Yurei Kitsune, Lee realized that he had to turn him in. Jacob offered his aid and the two took Yamada back to Blaine Crucoy, who placed him in the nearby prison for an overnight stay before he could be taken to the State Prison in the morning. The two heroes locked him in the small prison and offered to help guard him overnight. After only a few minutes, Danner Smythe and another agent of The United Church of Sempaurora, Dawn Trueshine, came to offer to hold the prisoner, saying that he fell under their jurisdiction. Jacob refused their aid and told them that he was under orders by the king to keep the prisoner until morning. Danner coolly accepted the halfling’s stance and left with Dawn.

Portals began opening randomly throughout the prison, gating in monstrous girallions and howler bees. Though they were able to slay everything that entered, the next portal began to push a hive through – one the size of the building. Lee set the hive on fire, which caused flaming bees to emerge from the hive and die, falling all over. The prison quickly caught fire and Jacob escorted Kitsune from the prison.

Luckily, the Church representatives were not far off, watching the building burn. They offered again to take the prisoner, which Jacob agreed to and thanked them for being closeby, despite the doubt welling in his heart. They spent the night at the church’s holding cells and were awakened in the morning by a peppy Shen Lightbringer, who delivered the two heroes’ midweek evaluations and escorted them back to the arena.

Session 102
The General's Power! Nine Tails of Spirit Fury!

The day after the first mission, the heroes were called to deal with a cult that had gained power in Sidarthalem. Jacob Cromwell had replaced Shen Lightbringer, but Kain Lorehelm had disappeared. On top of that, Lee’s contact, General Yurei Kitsune told him at every turn to use any opportunity that he could to attack the party and raise the chances that he would become the Yeshuah by default. Finally deciding to accomplish the mission without Kain’s aid, they left for Sidarthalem and met with the Church of Heironeous. Jacob, a longtime agent of the state and church – which worshipped Heironeous – noticed that the designs and insignias within this church were different than those within The United Church of Sempaurora. The head of the church told them that they were a peaceful state and had no defenses against betrayals such as this cult.

The heroes came to the cult’s church which was full of men under the thrall of a Blackiron insignia. Jacques scared many away with a display of power and the remainder were ushered out by the rest of the party. Under the church they found a dungeon infested by demons and cultists who had fused themselves to demons, recreating the souls of Akumephis. After killing each one, the characters returned to Sempaurora where they would receive midweek evaluations for their current standings. Jacob Cromwell recognized the bloodlust and talent within Sergio and spoke with him, urging the hero to find a focus for his abilities as he seemed to be wasting his talent on pointless violence.

Kain Lorehelm had still not been found and Yurei Kitsune, their contact, was not at the designated meeting point. When they found Kitsune, they found Lorehelm with Kitsune’s katana over this throat. Yurei Kitsune blamed Lee, saying that if he had been more aggressive in proving himself the Yeshuah, Kistune would not need to be killing to promote Lee’s status. Wary of the double-meaning in Kitsune’s name, Jacob warned Kitsune that even if he were a monster, he would still attack him without holding back.

“Monster?” Replied Yurei Kitsune, mulling over the implication. “Oh. I’m not Yurei Kitsune,” he explained, holding his longsword before him demonstratively. “THIS is Yurei Kitsune. My real name is Yamada Yoshi.” He focused himself on the blade of Mithril. “I suppose that you are not familiar with the spiritual abilities hidden within Awakened Weapons. Behold…” He held Yurei Kitsune in his extended hands, his fingers behind the edge of the blade. “Snarl, Yurei Kitsune.”

The sword extended into nine bladed tails, exploding with raw spiritual energy. With the intent to kill, Yamada Yoshi lashed out at the party. The General of Izaru was a competent fighter and it was only barely so that the party of heroes was able to defeat him.

Session 101
The Heroes Assemble! Fight For The Yeshuah In The Heart of the Land of Effulgence!

At long last, the day of the tournament began! Heroes from all over the world of Iifa came together to prove their worth, amongst them: the soulless samurai Hikaryu Savarem, tranquil monk Dante Klausen, loud sharpshooter Colton Lugers, murderous Sergio Leone, Joy Stovelli a young girl with a lot to prove, Shen Lightbringer a bard who was forced here by his father, mysterious cleric Jacob Cromwell, the celebrity actor Daryl Jenkins, pacifist Amarok Chozell cruel trickster Alstoy LeMuir, insane axe-wielding Jacques Dubios, demonfused mage Brimms Flamel and soothsayer Kohkanest of the Quillfeathers in Takazorros.

Similar mages Koh and Jacques were pitted against each other and Koh’s control of his foe’s movement proved a powerful asset. Jacob Cromwell faced Colton Lugers and emerged through the volley the victor, though he was quickly defeated later by bugbear barbarian named Gyin. Sergio Leone faced against Kain Lorehelm’s immense greatsword Asmoday in a battle where both contestants spiderwalked all over the walls of the arena. When

  • Sergio Leone vs. Kain Lorehelm (Sergio)
  • Jacob Cromwell vs. Colton Lugers (Jacob)
  • Koh vs. Alstoy LeMuir (Koh)
  • Lee of the Tendai Monastery vs. Brimms Flamel (Lee)
  • Shen Lightbringer vs. Dante Klausen (Dante)
  • Jacques Dubios vs. Daryl Jenkins (Jacques)
  • Joy Stovelli vs. Amarok Chozell (Joy)

  • Jacob Cromwell vs. Gyin (Gyin)
  • Koh vs. Jacques Dubois (Koh)
  • Sergio vs. Hikaryu Savarem (Sergio)

  • Koh vs Sergio (Sergio)
  • Joy Stovelli vs. Gyin (Joy)

  • Sergio Leone vs. Joy Stovelli (Sergio)

Joy and Sergio climbed the tournament ladder with ease, Joy even accidentally killing Gyin in her penultimate match. Sergio paralyzed Joy with his assassin’s abilities and declared the fight his victory, then cradled the girl in his arms as she wept, disgusted by her own weakness.

The day after the tournament, the heroes divided into groups to continue undergoing missions that would test their abilities and judgment as a hero. While Jacob Cromwell, Joy Stovelli, Hikaryu Savarem, Alstoy LeMuir and Dante Klausen comprised one party; Sergio Leone, Jacques Dubios, Kohkanest, Kain Lorehelm and Lee were placed in another. They parted ways and with Sergio leading the group, they went to a village in Takazorros that was being occupied by a squad of Sempauroran extremist footsoldiers. After defeating many of their men, with Kain Lorehelm and Sergio Leone killing all whom they faced, they eventually came to meet the leader of the squad who summoned a mechanized suit of awakened metals. Sergio maneuvered towards the cockpit of the Jhabertan mech and slew the pilot.

Due to Shen Lightbringer’s adamant refusal to contribute to the tests, Sergio Leone sought to have him removed from the contest entirely. Blaine Crucoy acknowledged Sergio’s concern, but told him that Shen Lightbringer’s father Terrence Lightbringer would not allow his family to be shamed in such a way and instead transferred Shen out of the party in exchange for Jacob Cromwell.

Intro Jacob

While teaching a history class one day, a cleric silently enters Jacob Cromwell’s room. Jacob dismisses his class and hears the man’s request. He identifies himself as Danner Smythe, High Cleric of The United Church of Sempaurora. He re-activates Cromwell as the Operative of the Nation and sends him on a mission to visit Jhaberta to recover some important documents.

Not realizing that the documents he is stealing is actually the Mithril Life Studies report, Jacob uploads the recorded information into a mouth of Awakened Metal. The magic mouth immediately begins to recite the report’s knowledge, triggering the alarm. Jacob _silenced _the recording and escaped the installation, avoiding the pursuit of a axe-wielding madman.

Jacob returned to Sempaurora’s Unified Church with the data in hand and delivered the goods to Danner Smythe. Danner offered Jacob a more permanent position within the Church, asking him to face the weakness of the government and serve the true rulers or Sempaurora, the clerics of The Unified Church. Jacob refused, begging Danner to say no more against the government but turned a blind eye to the corruption before him. Danner accepted that he could not turn Jacob and instead gave him a final mission: join the tournament to find the Yeshuah as Sempaurora’s champion and prove to the others that Sempaurora was the undisputed power of the world.


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