The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 202
The Slacker Prodigy

After welcoming back Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero, a minor ceremony is held in their honor. The Wardens are given medals for their deeds and then requested to lend their power to a mission. The Dawn Alliance agent, Inugami Yoshi has also called for an evacuation. He has been trapped in a shrine beneath Drass Aristocracy.

The heroes make their way to the underground temple where they find a series of altars dedicated to The Great Spirits. Beyond a series of traps and a maze of passageways, they find another agent of Mediggo, who is surprised to see Jacob. Revealing himself as Evan Bryce, the slacker former pupil of Jacob laments that he has a job to do and attacks the party with Calamitas and Venia. Though he is nimble, Sergio Leone outmaneuvers the young agent and stabs him through the throat with both daggers, killing him.

They rescue Inugami, who warns them that a voice has been telling him and Evan to leave the temple since he entered. The spirit, now furious about his temple being desecrated materializes in the small chamber and stands, bursting through the streets of the Drass Aristocracy. Xuchilbara, the first Harbinger spirit begins rampaging in the metropolis.

Session 201
Reunions, Rescues and Reanimated Corpses

An airship, known as The Blessed Albatross begins filling with heroes from around the world, who have responded to the call of saving Sergio Leone. Joy Stovelli, her boyfriend Shen Lightbringer, Sun Alpha Kohkanest of the Quillfeather Tribe, a curious dwarf with an unusual aptitude for awakened metals named Arwin, and a number of the Wardens have boarded and rush to rescue the assassin. First on scene is Hikaryu Savarem, pulls the weakened Sergio from the building. They are attacked by demons, which Seraphima is able to stand against, but it is not until the Albatross arrives and the Wardens assemble that any progress is made. From the distance, Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero come to lend assistance.

Shen, realizing what is happening to Segio, touches Sergio and pulls some of the demon energy from his body. Sergio is able to move once more and the heroes head to the extraction point. Hagith, one of the Judges of Akumephis catches up with the party and attacks Sergio. Though the party is able to overpower him, Hagith begs for mercy. He points to the horizon, where a flood of undead have began moving south towards them. Hagith offers his aid in combating them in exchange for his life. All of the Wardens except for Sergio refuse and Hagith is killed.

The heroes fight the undead menace and form a defense to stop the undead from moving further south. The King has ordered their presence, however and they leave the affair to the other Wardens and return to Sempaurora.

Sergio 2I

Sergio Leone returned from the Veil with the promise of a new life. He would follow in the footsteps of Jacob Cromwell by serving the King of Sempaurora as the Operative of the Nation. He spent the next two months serving the state every day until he was given a free weekend. During the weekend, he returned to the Drass Aristocracy, where he at last dealt with the threat of his family, who had attempted to kill him to avenge the death of Giovanni Leone. Sergio retaliated with glee. He slaughtered each of his family members, whether they were involved or not.

Upon returning to service, he was interrogated by his superior John Winterdusk, but was immediately exonerated due to Hikaryu Savarem admitting to the crime. Hikaryu, being a diplomat, could not be charged for the murders and Sergio was cleared. Though flattered by the gesture, Sergio asked Hikaryu to never take the blame for his crimes again. Sergio was called before Anton Marcus, who proudly held Lionheart, and Thomas Shoney, who wielded Malakym. He was given a mission in Akumephis to assassinate Nezagg Hauzon. To keep this from being traced back to Sempaurora, Thomas offered Sergio three demon insignias to plant at the scene to make it resemble the actions of a Rogue Demon.

Sergio infiltrated the castle with ease, bringing a gory end to any who interfered with his mission. As he progressed through the castle, memories of his vacation spent massacring his family floated back to him. Elated by the thrill of the hunt, the intoxicating demon atmosphere of the state and the sweet memories of revenge, Sergio found himself an unstoppable force bolstered by something he had not previously experienced.

Once inside the king’s sleeping chambers, Sergio plunged his dagger into the demon lord’s chest. Overtaken by another force, Sergio continued to stab into the demon. When he awoke, the seal of a demon was drawn on the corpse, using his blade. It was not one of the examples given to him by Thomas.

Suddenly, Sergio’s ecstasy reversed and it became a pain in his chest. Barely able to move, he dragged himself out of the castle, stumbling through a few encounters against weak devils. Once he was clear of the castle, a figure that had been following him presented itself. Sebastian Grant introduced himself and requested to see Mephisto. When Sebastian refused to be satisfied with Sergio’s claim that Mephisto was gone, Sebastian attempted to defeat him. Sergio drew on the power of Mephisto, sacrificing his own vitality to Mephisto in exchange for power and used his demonic strength to easily defeat Grant.

Grant fled through a portal and Sergio collapsed. He fled to an abandoned house and hid, requesting from an evacuation from the King.

JandJ 2I

Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero passed through the veil to return the essence of the Yeshuah to Joy Stovelli. After freeing her, the three are stopped within Breidablik Prison by an undead ogre guard, which attempts to seal off their exit. Joy and the pair of Wardens are separated, but they are met by Cassius Deepcrow who leads Quan to safety. They are led to the hideout of Eckhart von Hochheim, who tells them of the flow of life through the universe through the String of Pearls. Life from the world before comes to this world and then is transferred to the world after. Eckhart explains that Aesyr is the planet after Iifa and that Abydos follows that. The world before them is a mystery, but he theorizes that if the veil were redirected to link to another planet, the people of Iifa could live a happy afterlife. He further states that he has worked for many years on a way to return a soul to Iifa, but has had no success. If a person were to be on the other side and aid him on a ritual from both sides, the veil could be opened entirely.

Their conversation is cut short by undead guards attacking the hideout. Cassius tells the two to lead the invaders away from Hochheim’s research and to protect the location of the hideout. The invaders are killed and the pair finds themselves lost. They wander the prison more and come to an open area where many oppressed ghosts are sitting on the stone floor as an undead flaming corpse and a zombie ettin patrol watch over each one. Jacob decides to liberate these people and they bring down the nearly invincible guards. Exhausted and out of spells, they exchange victorious glances, but Quan finds himself being lifted off of his feet and a gargantuan bone claw protruding from his chest.

Hel holds Quan over her head with a claw made of the talons of an ancient dragon that has been affixed to her wrist. She taunts the pitiful duo and hurls Quan against the wall. Before Jacob can strike at her, she vanishes. Jacob rushes to Quan’s side and helps him to his feet. Before Jacob is struck down by Hel, he tells her that he will be the undoing of all that she has made in this prison.

Beaten by the Queen of Death, Jacob and Quan are given special treatment as guests of honor in Breidablik Prison. They are tortured daily and taunted by death herself for two and a half years. Eventually, they are rescued by Cassius Deepcrow, who appears suddenly. He says that Hochheim has devised a method to return people to Iifa and tells them that they need to return quickly: Hel is releasing a horde of undead to eclipse the planet. The two accept the aid and Cassius casts a spell from a scroll, returning them to the planet.

Koh 2I

In the two months since the battle before the Veil, Kohkanest of the Quillfeather Tribe has taken the seat vacated by Baelak and become the Sun Alpha of Takazorros. Blaine Crucoy and the Dawn Alliance have offered their support in rebuilding the nation since the destruction of the druidic grove and the mass brainwashing of the Alpha’s court. With Samurai and Paladins roaming the Savage Lands, unrest has been quelled quickly. Kohkanest, along with the help of his new assistant Mathilda Verona, an overly organized Xeph girl trained by the greatest family of mages, Greck, his acting Beta, and Greck’s animal companion, Kiki, a wolf, the trio sets out to locate surviving druids.

Greck and Kiki lead the way, starting from the abandoned druid’s grove and heading north. They are eventually approached by a powerful lizardfolk brute who challenges Koh’s right to lead as Sun Alpha. Despite Koh being inferior in strength to the stalactite-wielding monster, he attempts to reason with him. When the lizardfolk attacks, Mathilda disables the assailant with a paralysis spell and unlinks her sectioned staff which is connected by a metallic cord. Mathilda slips the razorwire under the lizardfolk’s neck and asks him to listen politely to the Sun Alpha. Satisfied, Koh continues to speak to the lizardfolk and tells him of his dreams to liberate Takazorros from its labels of “savagery” and “ignorance”. He tells of a future where the tribes will not be feared by outsiders and these outsiders will in turn bring in a wealth of exotic imports that the lizardfolk would never see. He offers to the lizardfolk a mango and tells him that these are products of civilization. Intrigued by the promise of a better tomorrow, the lizardfolk quiets and discusses with Koh at length before leaving, happy to serve Koh’s dream.

They follow the path to a cave, where they find cultists in the mountains, praying to an unknown deity. After killing the two fanatics, they find their captives, three druids from an outpost to the western shore. The leaders of Takazorros are eager to meet with this settlement, but Kohkanest senses danger in the future. He has a dream of Sergio Leone, his former ally, in danger. Leaving Takazorros to Mathilda, he heads toward Akumephis.

Session 110
Shen Lightbringer Must Die!

At the Tower to Heaven, the group found themselves in a vertical series of temples: each to a different god of the alien pantheon of Aesyr. On the first floor, they found another a shrine to Odin, which labeled him as the chief god of Aesyr. Aklessia and Bodel, two of Shen’s elite had an ambush at the ready however and The Wardens had to beat the two savages from Takazorros before moving on. Bodel was killed and Aklessia was polymorphed into a dire slug and thrown into a nearby torch.

In the center of the temple was a trap, which was linked to the locked door on the far end. The only way to open the door was to willingly trigger the trap while standing in its target. The plaque read:

“Thou strongest here, leading on
Bear the burden of leadership might’ly
Walk strong and do not fall! You are the pillar that must hold all!”

Quan realized that he was the hardiest member of the group and undertook the trap’s wrath, opening the door so that the party could move on.

The second floor was a shrine to Thor and was a maze of arcing lightning. Cassius undertook this obstacle and though he could not discover the pattern of the electricity, he toughed his way through the danger and disabled the trap and opened the door.

The third floor was guarded by two more of Shen’s guards: Devlin Hauzon and Kain Lorehelm. Quan allowed Jacques to return to control of his body to help the fights with his berserker abilities. Cassius focused on killing the demon prince while Sergio and Kain locked blades once more. Kain raked Asmoday over Sergio’s back, delightfully sending eldrich power through the weapon. “This isn’t the arena,” he taunted.

Sergio coordinated his moves with his allies and struck Kain in the neck, agreeing, “That’s right, Kain. This time I have friends.”

The party cleared the temple of the demonfused and Kohkanest read the Aesyrian runes, revealing the temple to be erected for Freya, the goddess of love. Her challenge read:

““O stout hearts amongst ye
Present your dearest unto me.”

Above Freya’s doorway was a bloody urn, the size of a human heart. The party realized that they needed a human heart to offer as a sacrifice. They first used Kain Lorehelm’s, but the offering was refused. Cassius Deepcrow sacrificed himself, gave his heart for the party and the door opened.

Floor four was a Temple to Tyr, the god of Tactics. Strange target dummies would appear in a pattern throughout the room and attack in a spinning arc. Despite the best efforts of the party, these were invulnerable but easily avoided. The party spent a lot of time attempting to prove their worth to Tyr and master the puzzle and eventually used coordination and teamwork against the dummy. Once flanked, the target revealed a glyph which unlocked the door.

On the next level, another battle took place, this one against Miles Uverdeus and Muriel Verona, two powerful casters. The party then proceeded to rise to the challenge of Loki, the god of trickery. A magical mirror in the center of the room issued questions, oriented beside a numerical keypad 1-9 in a 3×3 grid.

“Sixteen fools in one well fell, propped upright they reach the half,
If ten men die and six are et, how many fools are still now wet?”

Though they answered this question correctly, they were surprised that the door did not open, but another riddle appeared, even more disturbing than the last.

“I cut a man in twain at seven, then twice more at eight,
I cut that piece in three next hour,
and at ten I counted. How many parts is the man in?”

After answering this, they found yet another riddle:

“A man, heart heavy with evil, killed a family in the night,
The man he crushed the father’s head and stabbed the woman through her heart.
He found a child and tore the right leg off to attack the daughter, raping her with the limb.
Four senseless acts, what shall his count be?”

The party could not answer this puzzle, but once they selected in error, the puzzle ignored their mistake and offered another puzzle instead, repeating the first puzzle with a different number. After solving that variant, they found a variation of the second puzzle as well. The third puzzle returned to them, this time with different appendages and body parts. Koh began to think of the keypad as a living creature and realized that the cues all referred to a number on the pad that mirrored the anatomical equivalent. Thus the heart would be the center of the pad and the head would be the upper center. After correctly figuring the answer, they plugged in the four numbers, but were still not given the benefit the sound of a door unlocking.

Sergio then went to the door and grabbed the handle, discovering that it had been unlocked the entire time.

The final floor was a temple to Hermod, the god of luck. Two doors stood before the party. One way was said to lead to victory, the second would lead to the bottom floor and force them to repeat the entire tower climb. Sergio took a coin from his pocket and flipped it, placing his faith in luck. Satisfied by the gesture, the door allowed him passage.

Finally standing before the veil, the party confronted Shen Lightbringer, who stood at the gate to Aesyr alongside Alstoy LeMuir and Hikaryu Savarem.

Shen petitioned the veil to hear his cry and with the entirety of the world of Iifa mourning, to return that which it had taken. When Jacob Cromwell did not return from the great beyond, he drew quiet and mused if Jacob had chosen to forsake the world. Sergio told him that Jacob had died a hero and warned the world of the danger of Shen’s plans. Shen Lightbringer dismissed the event saying that it did not matter, he would resurrect someone if he had to kill everyone on the planet, save for his allies. Alstoy giggled evilly and asked if he was allowed now to kill Kohkanest, to which Shen consented. “Kill them,” Shen Lightbringer stated. “I have no need for them any longer. Kill them all.”

Hikaryu, understanding the power of the Wardens, advised Shen that they would not be assured victory unless he “used that move.” With The False Yeshuah’s permission, Hikaryu awoke his sword.

“Whitest Light, shine forth.
Give unto your children a guardian.
Treacherous dark, cower
Face purity! Great Dragon of Light! Seraphima!”

Hikaryu calling forth Seraphima

Shen’s final two guards gave a good fight and Shen’s abilities of manipulation demoralized the Wardens. He preyed on Jacques’s wrath and disdain for Koh. He dominated the barbarian personality and instructed him to kill the stormcrow, which he was happy to do. It was not until Quan overpowered Jacques that they were able to fight on effectively. Kohkanest defeated Alstoy, turning him into a weasel, which happily scrambled to his side. Kohkanest attempted to exorcise the invading Yeshuah’s soul from Shen, but Sergio succeeded in stabbing a poisoned arrow into his back. Hikaryu surrendered, but divulged that Shen Lightbringer had taken precautions against death and had not yet been defeated.

High above the veil, Shen Lightbringer hung cradled in Phaeleg’s arms. He berated the False God for failing to protect him and touched his face, absorbing the immortal entirely. Now with abundant power radiating from his body, a 15 foot wingspan and shimmering armor of the gods, Shen flew to the center of the veil, where he announced, “And now to complete my ascent to power, I will absorb the power of the veil.” He plunged his arm into the portal, which left a tear across its radius.

Shen tried to pull his arm back, but it was too late. Another hand had reached through and seized his forearm. The two began wrestling in midair and Shen lost control of his wings. Before they impacted the ground Shen managed to open his wings again. He landed safely in a heap and ten feet from him, stood Jacob Cromwell.

The New God Shen faced off against the heroes, taunting them with portents of the world that he would create once they were dead. After chasing the madman for so long, Sergio almost succumbed to despair, believing the charismatic orator. Jacob reassured Sergio and the two continued to fight on. Koh, using the Orichalcum Star that Jacques had won on Calm Night and his abilities as a spiritual medium, began the exorcism once more to drain the power of the Yeshuah from Shen Lightbringer’s body. Shen’s original characteristics emerged once more and the boy began to aid Koh in the ritual.

Shen, now free of the Yeshuah’s power, returned to his senses and requested for Sergio to finish what he had started, offering his rapier to the assassin, claiming that he just wanted to spent eternity with Joy in the afterlife. Jacob nixed this idea, stating that no one deserved what lay beyond the veil. Knowing that he was already dead, Jacob stated that the world needed the Yeshuah and that Sempaurora needed a king. He revealed that his second soul was that of Anton Marcus and that if he put this into a weapon, it would return Sempaurora to what it had been. He could also return the Orichalcum Star to Yeshuah in Aesyr, returning the Yeshuah to the world.

Shen said that it was possible, but they would need a weapon to hold it. Sergio quickly offered Mephisto, saying that he had no need for the weapon any longer and that storing his darkness externally was a way of refusing to face it. Shen removed Mephisto from the rapier and put the spirit back in Sergio’s body, which Sergio repaid by punching Shen across the face, joking that it had worked. Anton Marcus’ soul was put in the empty weapon and Jacob instructed Sergio to return it to Blaine Crucoy. Sergio vowed to take up Jacob’s post as Operative and work for the King. Quan, eager to help, followed Jacob beyond the veil. After a half hour of waiting, Joy returned from the portal.

The Yeshuah smiled brightly. “We have a lot of work to do.”

Session 109
The Lost City of New Valhalla

Encircling the North Pole of Iifa is an ancient abandoned city with high walls and alien architecture of heroic humans from another plane. The party approached the city walls, where they were greeted by two mechanical statues (Kolyaruts) who welcomed them to “New Valhalla” and invited them to visit the Church of Odin. Once they entered into the city, the malfunctioning constructs identified them as thieves and began to attack them.

After destroying the Kolyaruts, the party found the remains of a snow fox which had been cut open and had its entrails smeared across the tundra. Realizing that this is a form of divination called extispicy, taught to Kohkanest and Aklessia by his former mentor, Koh reads the divination and translates it into a map of the best route for them to follow to reach the Veil. They follow the trail to the Temple of Odin and Kohkanest realizes that the runes used in the alphabet of the buildings are the same as the runes that he uses in his divination and that he is able to read their language.

Koh began to lead the party and takes them to a long underground room, which is nearly empty, save for a relief on the far wall of a demon reaching out of the design and looming down over a paladin who was surrounded by skeletons. Two unlit torches stood at either end of the mural. Cassius went to light the torch, but as he stepped closer the demon swiped at him with a claw and bellowed. As the undead and the paladin within the mural also came to life and attacked from the confines of the doom wall, it began crawling towards them to crush the adventurers between both walls.

The doomwall drained its foes with every contact they gave it and nearly swallowed Sergio Leone who at one point tried to touch the wall. Once the demon was killed, the wall stopped and slid into the ground, opening a passageway behind it to a secret door.

When they entered the room, they found housing for three people. Kohkanest finds an old log of Thulin, who says that he is the son of Odin and the brother to Oethur. Thulin’s Diary tells the story of a young man more interested in politics who believes in power through his friends, which is a contrast to Odin and Otheur, his favored son. Odin came to this world and settled here for a period, but returned. After his father returns through the portal, Thulin leaves for the lands to the south, while Otheur stays behind. Oether is revealed to have later encountered the party of gods and wrestles against Kord, losing and allowing the party to pass. He later follows in his brother’s footsteps and heads out for the world, where he will later settle in Ultima Thule.

After they face another construct, the party finds themselves just short of the Veil, which is at the top of a tower.

Jacob 1S
Breidablik Prison

Jacob had just allowed himself to perish in order not to serve Shen Lightbringer’s dark agenda. He awoke to find himself beyond the Veil in a prison. At the lowest level of the prison, he met a disenchanted man who brashly gave him directions to the keep of the original gods. He thanked the man, who divulged his name as Gordon Winterdusk. Jacob climbed the winding staircase and found the gods Kord, Pelor, Olidammara, St. Cuthbert, Fharlanghn, and Heironeous bound and shackled against a wall. Along with them was a young man, who assumed the form of Joy Stovelli when Jacob looked to him. The gods told Jacob that they were prisoners captured by the Gods of Aesyr, a pantheon of warring heroes who sought glory through a constant ritualistic battle: Ragnarok. The Aesyrians were currently waging a war against Abydos, a desert world of god-kings who commanded savage armies from atop monolithic statues of themselves built by their slaves. The world of Iifa was caught in this struggle and Aesyr was the world next in the succession of planes. Since Aesyr had put a prison to hold the souls of Iifa, there was no afterlife for the departed.

Jacob was disgusted to see that his gods had long since given up and spoke to Yeshuah, who said that Shen Lightbringer had inadvertently stolen her powers as a Yeshuah though a supernatural ability to leech souls. Because of this, the Yeshuah was no longer immune to the effects of the Veil and had not been returned to the world to be reborn as had happened so many times. If she had a second part to her soul, then she would be able to cross through the veil once more. Jacob decided to undertake this same ritual, instantly seeking out Anton Marcus.

Session 108
The Road Throuugh Hell

Jacob Cromwell’s loss has disrupted the group. Kohkanest has left to confront Shen Lightbringer, Sergio Leone has been practicing with Mephisto to learn to control its dark powers in effort to kill the false Yeshuah. The Wardens, less Jacob and Koh, are called by John Winterdusk to the city guard’s hold. Winterdusk replays the final message from Jacob for the party which reveals Shen’s diabolical plan.

A demonfused man enters the meeting room carrying Kohkanest’s unconscious body. Winterdusk introduces him as Cassius Deepcrow, a demonfused from Akumephis who overthrew the demon within him and seeks to rid Akumephis of the demonic taint. In the streets of Sempaurora, a large construct has come to the capitol, seeking the city guard’s attention. It displays an illusion of Shen, who delivers a message to the world. He states that he has killed the hero Jacob Cromwell and that he is on his way to the Veil. Once there, he will resurrect the fallen halfling and he needs the help of the world. If they mourn the loss of this hero together, he will return. If they refuse to cooperate, it will mean the annihilation of Iifa.

The veil is known to be at the northernmost point of Iifa, guarded by an immortal spirit – Fenrir. With Cassius’ aid, the party takes the teleporter to Akumephis and begins traveling north, where they will meet with Shen Lightbringer and his minions.

They encounter demons before the land of Akumephis gives way to an endless span of ice floes. Navigating through the glaciers is more difficult, but they press on. Eventually they reach a larger glacier, where Baelak awaits them. Though Baelak is a powerful opponent, he is intercepted by Cassius, who throws the Sun Alpha into the frigid waters below. Kohkanest calls out to his former master, asking if the power he exchanged Takazorros in favor of was worth the betrayal.

Just short of the north pole, the party sees the silhouette of Fenrir in profile: a massive wolf larger than a building. Kohkanest calls to the guardian spirit, begging for safe passage. At his voice, Fenrir’s silhouette turns to the origin of the sound with three heads alert. As it steps into vision, they can see that the demonic taint has corrupted Fenrir as well, turning him into a demonic aberration of what he had once been. The Wardens have great difficulty in bringing down The Legendary Beast but ultimately prevail, knocking the immortal beast unconscious. Before it recovers, they move onward.

Koh 1S
The False Yeshuah

Furious that Shen Lightbringer would take action without his advice, Kohkanest returned to Takazorros, where he left the Yeshuah in the safety of the Sun Alpha, Baelak. Upon his arrival to the druid’s settlement in the center of the state, he found them all slaughtered. Alstoy LeMuir lurked in wait and wasted no time igniting his twin soul knives to attack the mage, spewing denouncements of casters. LeMuir revealed that he only sided with Shen to give his input in the new world when they remade the universe, where he would wish for a world without magic. Kohkanest found it impossible to cast spells under the threat of the psionic blades and most of his spells were resisted by Alstoy’s ability to adapt a defense against a spell to which he had previously been exposed.

Kohkanest called upon a revitalizing spell that wrapped him in a defensive cocoon and emerged in the center of Shen’s elite warriors. Shen spoke compassionately, showing regret for the need to kill Jacob Cromwell and begged Koh to return to his side and aid him in creating the new world. Kohkanest asked Shen to desist, but Shen continued saying that he was doing it all for “Jenny”. Kohkanest realized that his friend was too far gone to reach.

Shen taid that his allies would not harm him and allow him to leave, a favor to his friend. Alstoy struck at Koh, hurling one of his blades at the stormcrow. Shen reacted by touching the psionic warrior on his face with his open hand. Alstoy’s blades disappeared and ignited upon Shen’s hands.

After apologizing to Koh and scolding Alstoy, the group disappeared. Koh returned to the group in Sempaurora.


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