The Yeshuah Prophecy

Session 208
The Organ Trail

Though their battle with Evan Bryce did not end in victory and left them with a mystery, the party had no other choice but to continue on to the next two Harbingers: Scylla and Behemoth. Jacob Cromwell contacted Blaine Crucoy to report on the existence of the Sins, conjecturing that they were agents of Hel returned from the dead to do her bidding. After spreading his warning, Crucoy asked for the location of The Wardens and an airship appeared on the horizon. The Praxis II, creation of Dwarf mage Arwin and the turned fugitive Ray Starkiller, flew in bringing the King, Thomas Shoney, and Cynthia Trueshine. Arwin, the timid dwarf, welcomed them aboard and began directing the ship towards Sempaurora’s coast. Koh shared his recent premonition that Sergio would fall to Mephisto and warned the party that very soon they may have to fight their own ally. Sha-Kai reeled at the news that he had been allied with friends of the devil’s vessel, but was told that Sergio would not lose to Mephisto easily. Despite Koh’s certainty, Jacob retained belief in Sergio’s spirit. When they arrived in Sempaurora, the firepower of the Praxis II reduced the Harbinger of the sea from a fearsome shelled creature into a defenseless mound, which Koh quickly overpowered and convinced to peacefully come with them to the Shrine of the Feywild. Along the way to the sanctuary, Kohkanest was seized by a powerful vision of a figure being lost to darkness and collapsed under the divine recoil. When brought back to consciousness, he prepared the party to battle with Mephisto, though Sha-Kai held little hope.

The Wardens returned to the crater, where Masamune Okazaki had begun directing the available hands to erect a housing for the spirits. Jacob Cromwell and Kohkanest asked Xuchilbara about the final Harbinger. Though they were told that in life Behemoth held a reputation for being invincible, it was a shock to everyone when the same volley that had blasted Scylla down to a defenseless core had no effect on the spirit. A surveying of the Harbinger by the Praxis II’s sensors revealed that the lasers had in fact injured it, leaving an open orifice in its left trunk. Jacob commanded the Wardens onward and asked to be lowered towards the opening: the Wardens were going in.

A volley of harpoons rooted into Behemoth’s side and the party slid down cables to stand on the monster’s hip, where they climbed up into the orifice and below the monster’s diaphragm. They battled their way up the creature’s torso, fighting parasites within its gut and avoiding the dangers of its internal organs. When the party entered into the open area of the monster’s upper chest, they found the beast’s heart. Two demonfused agents working for Mediggo appeared wielding Calamitas and Venia and Kazesore Subarashi and began protecting the heart, proclaiming, “Hail Mephisto.” Behemoth again proved itself as not being defenseless, turning its heart into a barbed monster that attacked the party whenever it came near.

The demonfused agent wielding the blade was taken down, but Sha-Kai had trouble defeating his ally, which suspended Sha-Kai in the air and brought him to the edge of death. Before Sha-Kai could be revitalized, the heart gave out finally to Quan’s attacks and the Harbinger disappeared around them. The party and their demon foe plummeted seven stories to the ground.

During the fall, Sha-Kai engaged his enemy, slashing at the agile demonfused. To protect him, Jacob healed Sha-Kai in exchange for his own safety, slamming on the ground full force, hoping that his spirit form would absorb the fatal damage. Kohkanest descended lightly and continued combat. Before the heroes could regroup, the agent ended the combat, firing a round from the awakened guns into his chin.

Though the Harbinger was defeated, the heroes were unable to return to the airship. Thomas Shoney told them that they could be airlifted out if they were in an open area or on the roof of a building. Without much choice, the heroes prepared themselves for a grueling march through the anarchic streets of Jhaberta.

Sergio 2S4
The Devil's Contract

With all of the spirit weapons known to Meddigo captured by Sergio and the proper materials given to them to remove Mephisto from his body, Sergio is told that he will be free of Mephisto in two days. During an exercise to “loosen Mephisto’s hold on his soul”, Tomas Breault has Vanessa Raleigh stab Sergio through the back with what he is told is a Truesilver shard. Sergio stews over this literal stab in the back and is soon given the chance to take his aggressions out. He is fed the information of the Life Spirit being in the Drass Aristocracy, an Awakened Weapon wielded by Kain Lorehelm’s brother, who is stealing the life of those whom he kills to prolong his own lifespan. Sergio is all to happy to kill another Lorehelm and sets off attempting to catch up to his crew who are already on their way.

Sergio is escorted by Kentashiro Igetsu, whom he had not interacted with much before. Upon their arrival, Sergio finds a man who looks similar to Kain Lorehelm and a smaller hireling beside him. When Sergio attacks the pair, he hears the voices of Joy and Shen call to him, telling him that he is under the effect of an illusion. Sergio activates the Eyes of the Demon (from Sergio 2S3) and can see that the two are in fact Joy Stovelli and Shen Lightbringer. The man escorting him is the hero of the people Terrence Lightbringer and there is an independent eye slithering over his shoulder (the focus for Pierre Daray’s illusions). Before Sergio can react, Terrence fires a single ballistic explosive at Sergio, but Joy intercepts this, knocking the projectile into the air, but toppling over and falling from the rooftop. Terrence coldly dismisses his son as a felon, saying “At Miss Stovelli’s rate of descent . . . Shen Lightbringer, you are more than 30 feet from the Yeshuah. As a violation of your parole, I am placing you under arrest. Surrender quietly for immediate execution.”

Shen, hoarse with rage, begs Sergio for his aid, saying that he has not had much experience with patricide and will need Sergio’s help. Terrence offers another option: take his only chance at striking back at Meddigo and leave him to kill his son. Sergio eagerly gives his assistance to Shen and the two make short work of the hero. As Shen plunges his rapier into his father’s heart, he makes a tough decision.

“I’m sorry, Sergio. You can’t be trusted. You’ve committed unforgivable atrocities. You’re wanted dead or alive by the Dawn Alliance. You saved me from myself once. I’m sorry if this will hurt…but I intend to repay that debt now.”

“I understand, Sergio. That’s the way you want it. If you need your ass kicked this badly, I guess I have to do it.”

“I made a vow to never again use these cursed powers, but you leave me no choice! I’m not holding back! If you can hear me in there Sergio, then you keep fighting too! Let’s go back together! You, me, Jacques, Koh, Jacob, Joy! I owe you one, brother! I’m not giving up on you!”

Sergio and Shen square off in a savage duel, both throwing devastating attacks at one another until Shen falters. For a moment he seems to faint while standing and then shoot back to attention, ready to fight again. Screaming “I’m not going to let you do this to yourself!!!” he drains the powers of the collected swords of Sergio’s party, once more flooding himself with more power than he can control.

Though the battle continues, a new foe seems to stand before Sergio and he addresses the assassin coldly, “It’s been a long time . . . Sergio.”

As the two fight, Sergio attempts to block out the antagonizing words of Shen, recognizing him as the same impostor as before. I apologize for not keeping in touch with you, dear brother. I was occupied. Did you receive our invitation to the birth of Joy’s baby?"

“You spent so much effort in attempting to kill me. Jacob believed that you wanted a better world. You and I know the pitiful truth: you were only driven by jealousy. Now Joy is mine and I have ruined her to you forever.”

Sergio finally shot back a retort, stating that the being that was talking to him now was only a figment of Shen’s imagination.

Seeming to rise to the remark, The False Yeshuah continued on, beginning to ask Sergio if he would like to know about Joy’s sexual experience, but Shen overpowered the darker personality, asserting himself as the controller of his body. He then threw himself at Sergio and wrapped his arms around the rogue, grabbing him by the face with his bare hand. Shen, barely conscious, told Sergio, “I’m sorry for the scare. It’s me, Sergio. It’s Shen.”

Realizing that his only options were to allow Shen to attempt to draw Mephisto out and trust in his power or to attack Shen to get Shen off of him, Sergio apologized and swung out with his flaming dagger. A gout of flames flared from his weapon and Shen’s chest broke open, killing the bard before he hit the ground. Sergio was entirely unmoved by the death around him, instead walking towards Terrence’s body to grab the sword Asmoday. Sebastian came back to consciousness and had a final exchange with Sergio, who spoke differently.

Sergio: “Oh man, I thought I’d never get rid of him.”
Sebastian: “Sergio? What happened? Where’s the Yeshuah?”
Sergio: “Dead. Look 200 feet below you if you don’t believe me. Hey, Sparky. Catch.”
Sergio throws Sebastian Asmoday.
Sebastian: “Sparky? What happened to you?”
Sergio: “I won. Wake up the other two, ”/campaign/yeshuah/wikis/asmoday" class=“wiki-page-link”>Asmoday. We have a lot of work to do.“

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Session 207
The Sinner, The Saint, and The Prophet

Having defeated Ladon, the Harbinger in Takazorros, the party travels to the undead frontlines in Akumephis. They reunite with Amarok Chozell, who is doing his best to lead the defense against the undead horde. They leave Shen and Joy in the encampment and move north to the frontlines, led by Brimms Flamel. The Wardens enter a battle between the demons, the undead and Fenrir, the immortal three headed wolf, which could swallow and imprison them in his gut. Although they defeated Fenrir relatively easily, when Sha-Kai beheaded the monster, it turned another head to roar at it and continued fighting on with an entirely new set of abilities. Also in the encounter were swarms of Vringlakim, or Whisper Demons. A whisper demon would flutter around a target’s head, seeming to whisper directly into the target’s heart. When Fenrir’s second head was defeated however, the Harbinger’s final head took control of its body and told the party that it would handle the undead from here and Fenrir began driving back the undead horde. The Vringlakim turned out to be the biggest threat to the party as they shattered the egos of each hero with a slight flutter, singling out Kohkanest, who had earlier received a portent about Sergio that he kept a secret.

Vringlakim Quotes: Jacob
  • “Everyone will abandon your council and turn against you.”
  • “You were taught incorrectly and so you can only spread false information to those you teach”
  • “Your pride is your sin.”
  • “You are a burden to all whom you know.”
  • “Everyone you care about will die at your hands and you shall awaken to a world of death.”
  • “Your wrathful hands can produce nothing more than slaughter.”
  • “You are only a monster.”
  • “Despite all of your gifts, you are helpless.”
  • “You have no strength of your own.”
  • “After Sergio turns against the world, Jacob will blame you.”
  • “You aren’t really in another world. You have died and this is all an illusion.”
  • “Your allies trust you, but you will die before they need you most.”
  • “After you have died and the sword in your hand has rusted away, your life will be forgotten and meaningless.”

Upon returning to the Dawn Alliance encampment, they found themselves awaited by a cloaked figure (referenced in Session 204), who revealed himself to be Evan Bryce, but now wielding a scythe, four barbs from his extremities and the insignia of Hel on his chest. When Jacob began lecturing him, the lethargic young man countered that Jacob and he were the same: “Ugh. Don’t get all high and mighty with me, professor. You’re no better. I know all about you! What’s the difference between choosing the power of a cult and choosing the power of a rival god?” He also commented on Jacob’s failures, citing himself and Sergio as mistakes that Jacob had made.

Jacob led the heroes against his former pupil, but midway through the fight, Evan took the form of a spirit and resisted the attacks of the Wardens. He mocked Jacob for not predicting that he would have the same abilities as a spirit from beyond and gave a clear warning to the party: “Once the sins are assembled, She will make her move. I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you two,” revealing to the party of the existence and importance of “Sins” and the fact that two of them resided within the party.

Sergio 2S3
The World's Most Wanted Man

While continuing to extract Mephisto from his body, Tomas Breault tells Sergio that he will need to know more about the weapon that Mephisto was sealed in to continue his work. Sergio moves out into the Drass Aristocracy to find his father’s weaponsmith, a friend of the family. Sergio comes to find the man in a noble skyrise and after a warm reunion, he is told a story of his father as a young nobody from Jhaberta who built a career from his skill with a dagger. His mother, Lucia Leone, was the object of his father’s desire and he was able to woo her once he had a promising future. Lucia took on a few jobs as an assassin as well, seducing her targets before killing them effortlessly. When Lucia was targeted by a powerful man and raped, Giovanni Leone spent a fortune attempting to track down and have enough power to bring down the demon-fused hero of Akumephis, but was never able to rival his strength. His father had the Awakened Weapon Mephisto crafted and attempted to attune himself with it, but the demon judged him as unworthy. It became a goal of Giovanni’s to raise an heir that would be worthy of wielding Mephisto and he gave the weapon later to Sergio. The smith finished the story and warned Sergio to be careful with Mephisto and to remember the contract he was offered, for if it was ever to be fulfilled, the devil would take Sergio’s soul without hesitation.

Sergio was given the remainder of the Blackiron to take back and went to leave, but was met at the door by Alquarro Cerdevo. When Sergio lightly asked how the noble was able to so constantly track him, Alquarro replied “I can smell you.” Sensing that the discussion would not be cordial, Sergio begged to go somewhere more private. Cerdevo obliged, but only moved into the hallway, saying that he owned the building and that no one would eavesdrop with the incentive of his money controlling them. Alquarro said that he recently had a business meeting with someone Sergio had injured and Alquarro pointed to his neck. Cerdevo’s client was very upset and demanded retribution for the injury. Realizing that he was dealing with an agent of Hel, Sergio attacked Alquarro Cerdevo, mauling his leg with his daggers. Cerdevo stood and the wound healed almost completely, then dominated Sergio with a stare. Against his will, the assassin walked into the arms of the Vampire and Alquarro Cerdevo bit and drained Sergio of his life. Cerdevo told Sergio about his undead powers, saying that he was a champion of the darkness. Sergio surrendered immediately, pleading with Cerdevo not to kill him. He said that Mephisto was a danger to the entire world and he did not want to release that. Alquarro accepted, leaving Sergio with a gash on his neck.

As Sergio limped out of the building, he was contacted by Tomas, who said that they found the Earth Spirit in his location. Sergio refused to chase it and instead regrouped at the headquarters. With everyone assembled, Sergio lamented his lack of power and said that the undead agents of Hel, of which he knew two, were far more powerful than he. Once healed, Sergio, Kamatari, Sebastian, and Clive left in pursuit of the Earth weapon, hoping to find its wielder, Donovan Slade. Instead when they reached the destination, they found Railoc Greyshadow, the sword collector, who had come into possession of Atlas recently. Agents of the Dawn Alliance surrounded the encounter, capturing Railoc and Sergio together. Not willing to waste the opportunity, Railoc attacked Sergio, who warned him not to take him lightly and not to hold back. Railoc said that Sergio was not ready for his fullest potential and called on Yurei Kitsune first. Kitsune’s cloning ability overwhelemed Sergio and he soon found himself on the brink of death.

Afraid of Mephisto’s release, Sergio begged Railoc for mercy, “You don’t know what you’re doing!”, but the swordsman demanded for Sergio to no longer hold back and to call on Mephisto. Railoc landed a final blow on Sergio, but found to his surprise that as Sergio fell, something else took control. Mephisto, fully in control of Sergio’s body, snatched the bladed tails of Yurei Kitsune from the air and ripped the awakened weapon from Railoc’s hands. Without the sword, Railoc’s clones disappeared and Mephisto began a savage reprisal. Sergio quickly came back to his senses and demanded to end the fight, but Railoc instead thanked him for the challenge and switched his weapon for Atlas.

Despite Sergio’s wounds and Railoc’s new weapon, Sergio was able to weaken Railoc and the sword collector attempted to retreat, going invisible. Mephisto however spoke to Sergio from within his head, saying that he could still see Railoc. He offered Sergio the power to see through his eyes, granting him true vision. With the eyes of the devil, Sergio could see ahead of time and anything that was invisible. Sergio dismissed the ability, determined to find Railoc on his own and began wandering around the confine watching the trailing blood in the air, which gravitated towards his demonic vessel. When he found Railoc, he demanded that Railoc yield, but the sword collector refused to do anything so weak. Railoc took Kazesore Subarashi in hand and charged Sergio. The assassin deftly loosed a dagger into Railoc’s neck, killing him.

Sergio’s surroundings went quiet as the Agents realized what had happened in the cage. Sergio defended his actions as dispatching the man who attempted the assassination of the King, but was ignored by the Captain, who said that it was clear that Sergio Leone had become too great a threat to ignore. Sergio Leone’s bounty was raised and was amended to “dead or alive”, instead of “alive”.

Session 206
Things to Do in Takazorros When You're Dead

The party marches north into Takazorros as Kohkanest leads them towards the newly re-established Druidic Grove, which is attempting to recover from the massacre at the direction of the False Yeshuah. The defender of the druids, Koh’s second in command, a ranger named Greck, tells the party of Ladon. He gives a report of encountering the many headed monster while traveling with his animal companion, Kiki the Wolf and also advises the party that the Yeshuah is in the area. Recently, Sergio Leone came to Takazorros to defeat and recruit Kamatari Fuu. The Wardens traveled to Ladon’s last known location and encountered Joy Stovelli and Shen Lightbringer, who were looking for clues on Sergio’s recent appearance. Despite Joy being energetic, Shen tells another story of erratic moodswings and strange changes in her personality. Despite his fears, Koh assures him that she is probably just under stress. When Joy calls for a break during the trek and steals Shen’s rations, the party begins to understand that there is a different reason for the change in character.

Though it is an awkward exchange, Jacob tells Joy that she is “in a state” and warns her that continuing to fight will be bad for her child. The heroes come to a nomadic tribe of lazy hobgoblins. The weakest of the hobgoblin tribe have been known to fall under its thrall when Ladon moves near. The heroes rest for a while and Kohkanest receives a portent: Jacob must be prepared to die or they will not defeat the next Harbinger. The party becomes aware of hobgoblins falling under a strange trance and, after reprimanding their lazy pack alpha, the Wardens continue on after Ladon. They fight against a tribe of shifters that are worshiping an animated idol along the way and Kohkanest casts a spell that will force one of the captured shifters to speak only the truth. The shifter appears to still lie, but when the party realizes that the shifter is speaking as Ladon, they begin to understand why all of the creatures in the area are acting strangely. Ladon unconsciously leaks enough power to dominate others and act through their bodies.

The heroes come to a valley where Ladon resides. The mutliheaded monster has the powers of regeneration and can even regrow heads when one is destroyed, which quickly creates a countless number of snapping jaws. The party is able to bring the spirit down, but are greatly wounded. Though Ladon takes a humanoid form, he continues to battle, crushing the heroes under his spiritual force. Jacob tells Kohkanest that his portent is about to come true and mimics the ability, letting his false body dissolve and exerting as much power as he can. Kohkanest hones Jacob’s spiritual power to strike down Ladon and watches as Jacob once again becomes wispy and transparent. Jacob alleviates Koh’s worries saying, “It’s okay if I die here. You know I’ll be back again.”

Jacob explodes with power, overwhelming both Kohkanest and Ladon, but is unable to control himself any longer. His radiating power pours from his body and raises him into the air. Joy and Shen come into the valley, worried for Jacob’s safety. Shen, realizing that Jacob has no other hope, removes his glove and begins pulling the excess power from Jacob’s spiritual body. He rips an earring from his ear and pours the excess power into his gem. Jacob is once again able to move and returns to his body-like appearance. Shen is unconscious on the ground and everyone is able to see a necrotic burn on his hand, which Shen wakes and attempts to hide. When confronted, he says that it is a scar that he received from pulling the demonic power out of Sergio (Session 201). He also says that he will do anything to repay his debt to Sergio, whom he owes his life. Jacob says that Sergio’s current situation was his fault and that if Sergio becomes a problem that Jacob will take care of it himself. Kohkanest uses a detect spirits ability to look at Shen’s hand and does not notice anything foreign in his body. Continuing to survey the party, he notices that Jacob’s spirit is shining brighter than the others, Jacques’ spirit seems to have two polar halves within the same spirit, and Joy’s spirit is a raw collection of life, which seems to emanate from the unborn baby and Joy’s body. The party realizes that this may be one of The Great Spirits that Meddigo seeks. When this is spoken, an agent of Meddigo appears, noting that “bugging the Yeshuah has paid off”. Sylvia Lalonde utilizes her Spellwarped ability to rip the shadows from another and pits the party against themselves as she attempts to pull the spirit from Joy’s unborn baby.

Despite Sylvia’s strange ability, the party is able to kill her and protect Joy Stovelli and her unborn child.

Sergio 2S2
The Water Spirit

Sergio Leone had his will tested once more as Tomas Breault had him spend the night on hallowed ground, which caused the spirit of Mephisto to corrode his flesh. After surviving the ordeal, he returned to rest. When he woke, he was given a mission. The Water Spirit Leviathan had been located in Jhaberta. It was the Awakened Weapon of Clive Vendassey, a pirate of the Void Sea.

Sergio, Kamatari Fuu, and Sebastian Grant confronted Clive on his ship and despite Leone’s efforts, swords crossed as the proud Captain struck at Sergio, claiming that he was more powerful due to having a higher bounty for his head. The Captain singled out Sergio in the fight and encased the rogue in an orb of water. Before drowning, Sergio called upon Mephisto’s power once more and boiled the water with the fires of hell.

Intimidated by the display of power, Vendassey ceased his attacks and released Sergio. He agreed to hear out Mediggo’s proposal. The party raced across Jhaberta to reach the portal before it was destroyed by the Harbinger Behemoth.

Session 205
Jump The Bulette

After being led to the lair of Jormungandr by Hikaryu Savarem, the heroes found themselves at the entrance of a series of winding tunnels that the Harbinger used to move beneath Izaru. Kohkanest called upon his powers of divination to locate the surest path and they head into the caverns. The Wardens encountered many perils including steam geysers, darting weta and ravenous maggots that attempted to swallow them whole. The heroes survived the ordeals and came upon Jormungandr, who was easily pacified by Kohkanest’s empathatic skills of a spiritual medium. The beast showed Kohkanest the location of its shrine and this information was relayed to the Dawn Alliance, who arranged to excavate for the shrine. Jormungandr told the party that he was normally docile, but would lose himself to rage and a desire to feed on mortals. As long as he was pacified by Koh’s prescence, he would be fine.

John Winterdusk contacted Jacob Cromwell and told him that while they were gone, an agent of Mediggo had attacked Savarem. The party returned to Masamune Okazaki’s home and found the samurai recovering in his master’s care. Hikaryu told the party that he had done everything in his power to protect the Ice Spirit Juuchi Fuyu, but the woman who attacked him seemed to be able to split into countless illusions of herself. It was only after he began singling out the image of her with a dismembered eye on its shoulder that he was able to locate her true body, but even that was invulnerable, as her body was made of a viscous and uncuttable material. Jacob understood this to be two agents working together: Pierre Daray and Vanessa Raleigh. Not wanting to waste valuable time allowing Hikaryu’s injuries to heal, Jacob expended a spell to cure Savarem magically, but lost control of his ability and cast a far more powerful prayer, which completely healed Hikaryu and the injuries of everyone in the room.

After the spell, Jacob’s body began to lose its form. Wisps of dissipating energy left Cromwell’s extremities and it seemed like his spiritual body was beginning to dissolve. Kohkanest, desperate for a way to help, summoned a spirit whom he had interacted with previously to evaluate Jacob’s condition. Jacob’s spiritual essence was too dense to hold its shape. His recent actions had exploded his energy levels and without an anchor to this world, these energies began to spill away from his soul’s core. The spirit helped to solidify Jacob’s spirit once more, but said that it was only a temporary solution. If this problem was not resolved, Jacob’s spirit would dissipate to nothing. Hikaryu took Seraphima and agreed to escort Jormungandr to the crater in Sidarthalem. With the savior of the Feywild at his side, the Harbinger would remain in control.

The Wardens moved north into Takazorros, which had no teleportation portal. At one of the border settlements, they found a scene of carnage. An entire tribe of goblins had been slaughtered, but none seemed to be in a panic or even defending themselves. Victims were reportedly eaten. Organs were found prepared in marinates. Kohkanest used a divination ability, extispicy, and was given a location for the source of this threat. They followed Koh’s map to a cave in the side of a mountain range and entered a magically cooled cavern. Within this, they discovered Feral, a fat cannibalistic goblin. Feral attacked the group with a seven foot long knife and set off a series of blender-like traps. The heroes faced off against their toughest foe yet, weathering through a debilitating cold, spinning razor traps, the undead guard dog of the glutton, and the monster itself. Before dying, Feral gestured to the insignia of Hel on its great knife and said in the Aesyrian tongue (which only Kohkanest could comprehend), “My gut shall be the gateway to Hell.”

Before the cannibal was fell, Jacob Cromwell and Quan Genero had succumbed to the paralyzing effects of the frigid interior and Sha-Kai Zan-Sul was only just standing. Unable to understand the significance of the creature and his connection to Aesyr, they continued onwards into Takazorros.

Session 204
What's The Power Level, Kenneth?

The Wardens were given access to an airship, The Blessed Albatross, which they would need in order to attack Bahamut. They traveled below The Drass Aristocracy and found the castle underground that they had entered was the airship. The Albatross, no more than a Fortress anchored into a massive lump of Wind Elementium , began to slowly take them to Sidarthalem. Along the way, they found a warrior who fought a spirit creature that seemed to be a shadow of the Harbingers alone. Once they landed and spoke to the man, he revealed himself as Sha-Kai Zan-Sul, a warrior who had come to Iifa from the Feywild while exploring a mysterious landmark. He and Kohkanest were quick to identify with one another and he was asked to help in the mission to quell the Harbingers, which he revealed as the King, Generals and heroes of the Feywild who were killed while fighting Mephisto and his demon army.

The Albatross took to the sky and defeated Bahamut in aerial combat. Bahamut clung to the side of the ship and began to tear it apart, but the Wardens rushed to the exterior of the ship and attacked the Harbinger directly. As a final attack, Bahamut lashed out with a breath weapon which melted through the poorly built airship instantly. Jacob reacted defensively, shielding the party in an aura of his fully unleashed spiritual energy. Though they were spared from the wrath of the breath weapon, they were 6,000 feet above Sidarthalem and falling along with the Harbinger and the remains of the airship. Jacob and Kohkanest worked together and managed to reach the Wind Elementium core of the airship, which fell slower and offered safety. Quan offered his bag of holding for Sha-Kai to enter, but the Feywild native refused and teleported to the safety of the slowly falling core. Quan entered the bag and exited his linked bag in his hometown of Jhaberta.

The Wardens, sans Quan, landed safetly in a newly formed crater with Bahamut in the center. Bahamut apologized for his anger, but said that the churches that had no honor for the spirits angered him. Jacob said that the crater would soon become a memorial to the spirits where this day would never be forgotten. Bahamut took the form of his humanoid self and led Koh to the site where his shrine had been buried, lost to the ages. While the two were looking for this, Jacob received a message from John Winterdusk, informing him that there was a cloaked figure heading south through Akumephis killing anyone who stood in his way. Jacob warned him to tell all of his men not to engage the figure in combat.

Quan was briefed on the status of the Harbinger Behemoth, who was razing downtown Jhaberta. Quan was given sending stones by Delilah Pomeroy before she opening the teleportation portal for him. The party agreed to meet in Izaru, where they would next confront [Jormungandr. They arrived and met Lee, who had settled down to help his monastery. Lee showed off his new Awakened Weapon, which he had learned to control through the instruction of Muramasa Sengo. Sha-Kai began to understand that the Awakened Metals of this world were prisons for the spirits of his own world. He viewed the weapons with disgust and cursed those who would enslave the spirits in such a manner. The Wardens sought the local representative of Sempauurora in the nation and were directed to Hikaryu Savarem, who was in the imperial district to discuss foreign relations with the Emperor. Hikaryu offered to bring them to the site where the Harbinger rested, but requested to stop by his master’s residence first. Sha-Kai noticed the difference between the way that Lee carried his sword and the synergetic bond that Savarem and Seraphima shared. Wishing to see the savior of his world with his own eyes, Sha-Kai asked Hikaryu to release Seraphima before him. Hikaryu obliged, knowing that his sword’s spirit was moved.

They met with Masamune Okazaki at his humble house, who welcomed them and had much to say on the spirits of Awakened Metals and the angered Harbingers, stating that they must both be respected. As he spoke, a brash young man entered and challenged the swordsmith to a contest of swords. Though the party dismissed the child and admonished him for his rudeness, Masamune accepted a peaceful display of swords.

Sengo displayed the might of Juuchi Fuyu, cutting a single grain of rice among many perfectly, freezing them all with “The Blade of a Thousand Winters”. Masamune led the group to his garden, where he dipped [[Yawaraka-Te]] into the currents of the koi pond. The water and leaves gently moved around the blade and even a koi swam through the blade, which did not cut it. Muramasa scoffed at his master, but was rebuked by Hikaryu, who saw the significance of the blade. It was not a simple tool made to cut indiscriminately, he claimed. “My master’s sword has more wisdom than you will ever obtain.” Disgraced, Sengo fled.

Masamune offered his house as a resting place for the adventurers until the morning, when Hikaryu would lead them to the lair. Midway through the night, an alert sounded through the town. The Wardens scrambled to their feet, assuming it to be the Harbinger attacking the town, but found Muramasa Sengo before he was cut in two by a man armored by magical crystals. The agent of Mediggo tossed Juuichi Fuyu to his undead allies before turning his blades of crystal against the party.

Fighting Walter Vernier displayed the full potential of the spellwarped technomages of Project HAMMER. Walter’s body remained in a constant flux of defense as the crystals in his body hardened him to various states of invulnerability. Despite this, Walter was too confident in his defense and left himself vulnerable. He was killed by Jacob Cromwell.

Sergio 2S1
The Wind Spirit

After leaving The Wardens to seek the help of Mediggo in removing Mephisto from his body, Sergio Leone found himself in a strange hideout full of mysterious figures each with a strange power. He found their leader, Pierre Daray easy to talk to and was offered free room and board for as long as he wanted to stay there. Pierre boasted of the group’s skill with spiritual energy and agreed that every member would work to remove Mephisto if Sergio would offer his power to collecting the Great Spirits, weapons that held the key to unlocking an ultimate power, one that Daray claimed that he could use to protect this plane. Sergio agreed, but only on the condition that Mediggo would stop attacking those with the weapons they sought and instead attempt to recruit more peacefully. Tomas Breault began working with Sergio immediately to remove Mephisto and drew a circle of protection that Sergio was asked to sit in. Sergio was to call Mephisto as he had done previously and battle the demon in his heart each time, asserting his dominance.

In his heart, Sergio and Mephisto dueled for control of his body. Mephisto revealed his true form to Sergio, a massive demon legion fused together in a single mass, each supporting a single devil lord atop their shoulders: a product of Sergio’s recent mass-murdering. Though Sergio was still able to hold onto his body, Mephisto offered him a warning, “You turned to me for the power to kill Shen Lightbringer. The moment that little shit hits the ground…you’re mine.”

The morning after the ritual, Sergio was told the location of one of the spirits they sought, Kamatari Fuu’s Kirikirimai, the spirit of wind. Sergio left with Sebastian Grant for Takazorros.

Sergio found a settlement that Kamatari frequented, searching for strong opponents. He set up a stakeout and observed Fuu’s fighting ability, where she deftly wielded a massive scythe as though it were little more than a foil. Sergio emerged from hiding and came to speak to Kamatari, warming her up with flattery before inviting her to join him for an endless supply of challenges. She readily jumped at the opportunity, but first asked to see the great Sergio Leone in action. They dueled and Sergio disabled her. He returned to the base with Fuu following. Kamatari was placed in Mediggo as a replacement to Evan Bryce, however she added the stipulation that she would only serve Sergio’s orders.

Session 203
Smells Like Bad Spirits!

The Wardens have just killed Mediggo agent Evan Bryce in a Spirit Temple beneath the Drass Aristocracy. As they left, Xuchilbara, the spirit of the temple appeared before them in a rampage. He stood as he took solid form, bursting into the moonlit city streets to destroy all that stood in his way. As the casualties skyrocketed instantly, the heroes scrambled to defeat this Harbinger. The Wardens identified it as three separate threats: the tail, which had split into three independently vicious attack foci; the back, which spilled weaker spawn from an orifice between its two flame hurling wings; and the head, which they could destroy easily once they had climbed its back. The party began climbing and faced the dangers of Xuchilbara. In the battle Sergio came to rely on Mephisto and each time he would suffer a terrible penalty or gain a demonic trait. He grew heartier and small horns jutted from his brow. Once they were atop the head, the beast leapt away and teleported, dropping the heroes to the streets once more. Now they properly engaged in combat against the monster. During this fight, Sergio was overcome by demonic power and began to blast flames from his eyes, though it immobilized his body. Sergio begged the party to bring the monster into the range of his flames and when they did not, he attacked Quan Genero with the demonic ability. Once defeated, Xuchilbara returned to the form of a humanoid and calmed.

Xuchilbara thanked Kohkanest for cleaning the desecrated shrine, which he explained that he was bound to. Jacob Cromwell arranged for the shrine to be excavated and put somewhere where it could never be defiled again to bring about such destruction. Through the sending stone, he was told that Thomas Shoney was recently attacked and his Awakened Weapon, Malakym had been stolen. The Wardens began to leave the underground shrine, but were stopped by the new member of the Drass Families, who had succeeded the Leone Family, Alquarro Cerdevo. Cerdevo cited laws that Sergio’s family had broken posthumously by leaving unclaimed goods in the home of a Noble. He gave an estimate for the fine and passed this on to Sergio Leone, who retorted with a death threat.

Unmoved by the violent behavior, Alquarro declared that the fee would be handled by the state and it would be taken from his wages and added, “Also, I shall send a copy of the property damage estimate to your superior as well. I recognize the need to protect the identity of the new State Operative and will forward all matters relating to you and your missions to Crucoy, including this statement.” Despite the minor annoyance, the Noble caused no further problems. The Wardens headed towards the teleporter that would take them to Sempaurora and Jacob informed Sergio that he had become a threat to the party and once they had the chance, he would arrest Sergio.

Back in Sempaurora, John Winterdusk briefed the Wardens on three powerful men who had began attacking the city. Two were said to be wearing the garbs of Mediggo, while the third was seen with five weapons on his back. Kohkanest recognized the description of one of the men as Ray Starkiller and departed with Hikaryu Savarem to defeat and arrest the agent of Mediggo.

After hearing the description of the Lightning-Sword Quetzalcoatl, Sergio struck a claim on the duel with his former assailant. Jacob refused to leave Sergio’s side and the two left to confront the swordsman. Before weapons were drawn, Sebastian Grant offered Sergio the chance to join Mediggo. Sergio agreed, understanding that they may be able to extract the demon from within him. He left his father’s daggers with Jacob and departed with Sebastian, the entire time holding Calamitas and Venia within his backpack. Jacob hurried to the third encounter, where Quan and Inugami Yoshi attempted to defeat the Sword Collector, Railoc Greyshadow. Railoc quickly had the three on their toes and called on the power of many awakened weapons to strike down his attackers. After sustaining a lot of damage, Railoc decided that the King’s sword would be too hard to attain and abandoned his cause, leaving behind Malakym.

Within the guardhouse of Captain Winterdusk, Joy Stovelli, Blaine Crucoy, Thomas Shoney and the heroes spoke of Sergio’s decision to attempt to face his darkness with the help of Mediggo, which Jacob Cromwell was able to identify as the original scientists behind Project HAMMER, due to Sebastian’s passing reference to his superior Sylvia LaLonde and the presence of Chauncey Diggenbothams, who opened a portal for Sebastian to pass through. Cassius Deepcrow appeared as they spoke, to give a report to John on the status of the frontlines. Cassius seemed surprised to see Quan and Jacob alive, despite their claims that he was the one who returned them to Iifa through use of a magical scroll. After proving himself to be the true Cassius Deepcrow, he gravely stated that though he did not understand why they were back, they had been returned to life by someone who needed them on this side of the veil. They realized that there were three dire situations before them, the threat of the Harbingers, who had now emerged worldwide; the actions of Mediggo, which now had Sergio; and the undead that constantly filtered south from the veil.


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