The Tainted Ruins

Thirty years ago Akumephis was an up and coming military force with plans of world domination. Had they been better led or perhaps simply acted sooner, they might have succeeded. Their efforts were halted devastatingly by the Jhabertan Nation. Jhaberta struck first, using an untested weapon of sickening power. What little remained of Akumephis could no longer survive alone. It was a man named Nezagg Hauzon’s cry for help that saved the dying world. Demons clawed for the surface from the cracks in the world at ground zero. They begged for human license to come onto land. Shinto gave the demons his permission, but demanded his life to be spared. He wished to rebuild the nation as his own and rule over it with the Demons’ aid. His demon agreed and burrowed into the man’s heart. Nezagg claimed the seat of the emperor and began reconstruction. For the next thirty years, it became common for demons to burrow into the hearts of others and children were baptized with satanic rites. Akumephis’s warriors were relentless and made use of their demonic advantage. However, their crippled lands have not recovered and they rely on the other nations too much to risk war.

Their bitter clash with Jhaberta has not been forgotten and they have received criticism from Sidarthalem. Their intervention and guidance from The Drass Aristocracy and Sempauroran forces have helped them reclaim their foot in the world and they are indebted to both. They have little contact with the outside world, short of inbound diplomatic negotiations, but their knowledge of Izaru’s success spurs feelings of either jealousy or admiration from the population.

The goals of Akumephis are to show their power to the world and reclaim their honor. Once they have rebuilt, they would also like to continue their plans of dominating the seven kingdoms.

Players from Akumephis do not have to be evil, but can not be good. The PC must have a guardian demon and is encouraged to portray a degree of taint on his soul. Akumephis is a proud state and they excel in combat. To them, this contest could have nothing to do with the fate of the world and they would still fight if only to prove their county’s presence and worth.

The Akumephistian symbiotic race has really gone too far deep into hell and they have the shortest life expectancy of all. They make deals with other devils for profit and revenge. Their city streets are filled with gangs and thugs. Strife and murder are a part of their lifestyle, which is expected in order to satiate the demon populace.

Ultima Thule

Akumephis has rechristened itself since the arrival of The Supreme Devil, when the survivors of Project HAMMER renamed the nation to honor the demon overlord. In the days before the war, the nation was a prosperous and eager town under a fair rule. The kings of their kingdom were sovereign lords believed to be a god in human form. As such, it was a common belief of the people that their great nation must be shared with others. Ultima Thule was the first empire to form and its first king left a great legacy that would inspire great things from every Thulian. Thule was the northern most country and leader in most fields and the pride of Ultima began to fuel evil desires. Under Thule XXVI’s command, the nation prepared for war. Not daring to strike the churches of Sidarthalem first, Ultima’s forces struck against Jhaberta instead with great zeal and their orichaclum spears. It was the nation’s final act.

Orichalcum was the special export of Ultima Thule. In many ways, it was the basis of its entire civilization, as Orichalcum could not be acquired anywhere outside of the northern side of this country. This made Ultima a necessary ally for trade and put its infantry worlds above others. Many referred to Ultima as a perfect nation. Many came to visit the lush gardens and exotic produce. In times before teleportation became common, many visited this land by ship using the eastern ocean’s current. This is still called the Great Thule Stream. The world’s amazement in Ultima’s commodities gave them power quickly. This power corrupted the hands of their God-Kings, who grew more terrible and power hungry with each generation.

The God-Kings of Ultima Thule were descendants of Thule, the fourth life of Yeshuah. Thule the Titan. Thule was said to be twice the size of a normal man and his strength was legendary. As such, each of his descendants have been blessed with the same superhuman stature and great strength. Ultima Thule was created by Thule the Titan as a mining town for its rare metals. However the ore and reputation of the Yeshuah quickly turned a small settlement into a major world power. The Orichaclum monopoly made Ultima a feared country and by the time Thule the Titan died, the country had already expanded to natural borders at the Tiber river and the mountain range. Many remarked that Ultima was invincible and early neighboring settlements lived in fear of their bright weapons.

Government: Dictatorship/Krytocracy

Ruler: Nezz’agg Hauzon

Captiol: Quor’toth Crater

Races: Human, Demonfused

The technology level of the Tainted Ruins is no greater than the Middle Ages themed Sempaurora, however their dark magic is what gives them an edge in the world. Several of their number have had their souls fused to a demon from birth and themselves carry more might than most magically crafted weapons. Akumephis is a dictatorship ruled over by Nezz’agg Hauzon. The nation is overseen by 5 judges, human vessels carrying the strongest demons of the upper world, which go forth to do Hauzon’s bidding.

Judges of Akumephis

The nation’s cities are separate entities which govern themselves under the watchful eye of the judges, which are given absolute control and can kill anyone to ensure peace.


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