Blaine Crucoy

The favorite knight of former king Anton Marcus, Blaine and Anton shared a friendship closer to brotherhood. A passionate and vocal idealist who often faced unnecessary trouble due to his large heart, he plunged headfirst into trouble with his friend at his side. He gained many of his promotions due to Anton Marcus’ aid from within, but Crucoy was a skilled swordsman and a competent leader that deserved the recognition the young prince cast upon him.

When Anton Marcus ascended to the throne, Crucoy was given the rank of Knight Captain and commanded knights throughout the nation. The two remained close friends and worked together in both fields to bring the world to a Golden Age. Blaine worked alongside Operative of the Nation Jacob Cromwell many times and befriended the often ignored halfling. The two would often talk at length on the state and their many dreams of the future. Crucoy also collided with The United Church of Sempaurora, defending his friend from many usurpers and corruption.

At the Battle of Shizukesa in the Niifu Province, Anton Marcus charged into battle alongside Blaine and after being mortally wounded, gave the speech that would seal the world in a truce for ten years. He also appointed Blaine Crucoy king, a move that many called a falsehood spun by Crucoy to steal power. Grieving over the death of his best friend and overwhelmed by unfamiliar procedures, Blaine spent his early rule too frightened to lead the people. He worked to carry out Anton’s final request by the letter however and organized the tournament to find the Yeshuah.

The United Church struck out at Crucoy again, contracting Giovanni Leone to assassinate the King, but Crucoy was saved by Sergio Leone. When the nation crumbled to Civil War, Crucoy relied on Jacob Cromwell to rescue Sempaurora. Although the state splintered into many factions, one faction rose to attention: The Dawn Alliance. Cynthia Trueshine begged the king to take action and composed an international agenda that would bring forth world harmony. After the defeat of the false Yeshuah, Crucoy was presented with the strongest of the Awakened Weapons, Lionheart, which held the soul of his best friend. His confidence refreshed, the King returned to his passionate self and began working with the Dawn Alliance to bring an everlasting peace to the world.

Blaine Crucoy

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