Drass Aristocracy

The Endless City

A rather young nation, when compared to others, The Drass Aristocracy is actually a city that has evolved from beautiful town, to bustling metropolis, to the endless city of the rich and powerful. As young men with an unexplained wanderlust and a strong faith go on a pilgrimage to Sidarthalem and savage species seeking a return to nature find themselves in Takazorros, everyone with money and a passion for the arts visits this gargantuan city.

At its earliest stages, Drasil Ryem was a beautifully crafted small town handmade by the most meticulous of elves. Touched by their own amazing feat, the elves continued to craft more landmarks and sculptures. The town became known for its wondrous art and many in the profession came to erect their own additions and own the crown jewel of the city.

The property value skyrocketed and the demand of the nobles to live in such an amazing land pushed out all common folk. The city became the Drass Aristocracy, and a popular phrase was coined: “Unless you’re a man in Drass, you aren’t made yet.” Living among the aristocrats became a point of validation among many merchants and artisans who came to redistribute the wealth. Today the Drass Aristocracy is the land of money and power. A core of diplomats and retired kings live here as the overseeing council who govern the nation. They involve themselves in all aspects of the world, covering every dispute, funding every special project and facilitating trade. In their own eyes, they make the world go around. To the less grateful nations, they are busybodies who stick their nose in everything.

The goals of The Drass Aristocracy is to continue excelling and push ahead of all other nations in war, science and magic – currently they are behind Jhaberta in magic and Izaru leads them in science. They would rather pay Jhaberta to use their weapons once more to end the war immediately. There has been rumors of espionage concerning the Jhabertan weapon, but nothing has been proven.

Players representing this land are encouraged to seek the betterment of the world and reap the benefits. Each Drassian has an eye on the future and knows how to work their resources to accomplish their goals.

The Drass Aristocracy is a vain country ruled by money. They are often accused of being inhuman. Greed and their love of beauty often blinds them to the greater good, which they consider irrelevant without profit. The bottom line is their only motive and if they lose the aid of a nation to support a richer nation which will give them more money, they will not extend a hand to a nation which is being destroyed. As such, the Drassian Government relies on the war effort of the Izarans, despite their intentions.

Government: Plutocracy

Ruler: The Great Nobles

Captiol: None

Races: Humans, elves, gnomes and charismatic races.

The Drass Nation is the richest of the world’s nations, yet does not make scientific researches. It has funded a great number of the other nations’ discoveries, but does not have a science department of its own. What technology and guards it does have, it has bought from the other nations. The Drass Aristocracy has no army because it believes that it has every nation in its pocket and believes it only can profit from war, should it break out.

Drass Aristocracy

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