Evan Bryce

A former pupil of Jacob Cromwell during his years as a teacher, Evan Bryce is a gifted youth with a perfect memory. Much to Professor Cromwell’s disappointment, although the student could remember anything easily, he ignored his studies and failed three years of Jacob’s Sempauroran Studies class. When resolved to a task however, the child demonstrated the ability to recall anything in great detail, despite the time that had passed and whether or not he was paying attention.

Evan continually sought the easy way out and instead trained with the sword in the academy, ignoring his studies completely. He gained a contract in the employ of Meddigo and worked alongside Pierre Daray, who still holds the young man’s perfect memory in high esteem. He was given the gift of Calamitas and Venia which he wielded with barbs fixed on his forearms.

After a short career as a hired sword, Evan Bryce met his end at the hands of Sergio Leone. As do all who die, he fell into the hands of Hel, where his knowledge of Jacob Cromwell – the only man to defy the Dark Queen – became a curse. Hel manipulated the slothful youth into becoming her hand in the world of Iifa. After months of training, the perfect memory of Bryce had taken in the teachings of Hel’s evil church and he became a battle cleric for the Raven Queen. Upon his release, Evan left Akumephis and traveled to the Drass Aristocracy to meet a previously released assistant for Hel, Alquarro Cerdevo. He returned to the demon battlefront to face Jacob and weathered the attacks of The Wardens until he no longer had the advantage and lost interest. He displayed abilities equal to the powers Jacob had gained as a deceased spirit, evading their attacks. He ignored Jacob’s victory stating that he did not need to kill him, as Jacob was already dead.

“The sins shall soon assemble and then She will make her move. I wouldn’t get comfortable if I were you two,” he advised cryptically. He vanished without explaining the goals of Hel or the meaning of the terms Sins.

After the combined threats of Mephisto and Meddigo proved too great for the Wardens, the Sins finally assembled: seven embodiments of ancient sin became the foci necessary to bridge the gate between Iifa and Aesyr. Bryce was seen passively slumping onto the necessary mark for the ritual, doomed by his own Sloth.

After a month had passed, Evan proved his worth by freeing his former teacher from his bonds, declaring his refusal to serve her willingly. Through a moment of defiance, he evened the odds against his mistress.

When the Wardens returned to Breidablik Prison without Jacob Cromwell, he berated them and blamed them as the reason Jacob chose to walk his own path: their limited power couldn’t be trusted. When they had finally proved themselves strong enough to save Jacob, Bryce took his own life, trusting them to do what he could not.

Evan Bryce

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