Giovanni Leone

Father of Sergio Leone and husband of Lucia Leone, Giovanni was the world’s greatest assassin. He chose to capitalize on killing to support his young wife. One of the few people willing to sell murder in the world, Giovanni quickly amassed a sizable wealth. Working under the guise of a mask of smoke which billowed out into a dark cape, he slunk through the night bringing a quick death to any name scribed onto his book. He unflinchingly carried out any kill, even going as far to murder the head of a powerful family within the Drass Aristocracy. With a vacancy in the houses of power, the Leone Family ascended to power and Giovanni began training many to follow his killing arts. Within seven years, he had adopted 60 assassins into his family and fathered 11 children, all who would carry on his legacy.

Although his favorite son showed no signs of understanding the routine of lockpicking and other skills vital to infiltration, Sergio excelled in wetwork in a manner that none of the other family members could mimic. At his father’s instruction, he followed his father on a mission at the age of nine and killed his first mark. It was then that Giovanni demonstrated his favorite part of the kill to his son, holding a dagger in the heart of his victim and feeling the flickering final tremors of life. Giovanni worked exclusively with his son, nurturing the prodigy and always rewarding him, saying “As expected of my son.”

At the age of 13, Giovanni gave to Sergio his prized rapier. Though it was an exquisitely crafted weapon, he had only used it ornamentally. Sergio came to prefer this weapon above his standard daggers and modified his fighting style around it. Giovanni understood that his young son had surpassed him and retired early.

Many years in the future, a new assignment was given to the family: the murder of the King of Sempaurora and the potential Yeshuah. Deciding that there could be no mistakes in something so high profile, Giovanni came out of retirement and accepted the job. He was dismayed however, when his son returned from Sempaurora bragging that he had been hailed by the king as the most likely of the candidates to be Yeshuah. Steeling himself, Giovanni shut out his son’s words and returned to business. He attacked the castle the next day only to be discovered by his son and slaughtered.

Season 2 After coming to Breidablik Prison, Giovanni was rearmed along with many other angry deceased. They were given bodies and power by Hel and set out into the world. Though many in the prison had succumbed to madness and were consumed only with a desire to kill, Giovanni retained sentience and moved through the horde of undead to find his son, who he had learned much of in his time in the afterlife. He begged Sergio to call upon Mephisto’s might, so that he may see his favorite son at his full potential and have the world cower at the name Leone. Sergio refused however, and the combined efforts of The Wardens destroyed the vessel that Giovanni inhabited.

Giovanni Leone

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