Great Nobles

The Great Nobles of The Drass Aristocracy are the most powerful families who form a loose government, which regulate the entire nation.


A family of tremendous power and masters of business. The Carmichaels are deft manipulators and can buy anything they want. The family is in control of the Drass Economy and work to maintain a sort of stock market, which is regarded even in other nations as “the backbone of the world.”

The test to find the Yeshuah (see Session 101) was funded by a Carmichael.


The only Dwarves accepted into the upper city of the predominantly human Drass Aristocracy , the Grandergolds have come into power through strongarm tactics and dark connections. They have their hands in dirty business and perhaps have blackmailed many of the other Drass nobles. The Grandergolds are metallurgists and craftsmen who live in luxury. A Grandergold weapon is double the cost of a masterwork weapon, but has no special properties, other than allowing bragging rights.


One of the major families makes a boasting point of their bloodline’s beauty. A family of debutantes and socialites, the Stovelli family does not use their sway as a service to the government or maintain the wellbeing of society.

Joy Stovelli is the heir to the Stovelli name.


A working family of bards who have bought their way into power and are favorites of the less important population of Drass. The Jenkins family is nothing more than a lineage of celebrities who oversee and manage other struggling talent.

A young actor who supplemented his action roles with bardic magic entered the Trials of the Yeshuah, but failed. His name was Daryl Jenkins.


The most effective diplomats in the nation. The house of Bella focuses all of their attention on foreign policy and are the first sent in on diplomatic missions.


A family with a high rate of “awakened” offspring. Simply being magically inclined has guaranteed status and power to the family. Their knowledge of the mystic arts has kept many travelling to their door for insight.

Muriel Verona, the spoiled heiress, sided with Shen Lightbringer and joined the Lightbringer Guild. This family also adopted a Xeph outsider and taught her to better hone her magic named Mathilda Verona.


The descendants of the first architects of Drass. Strict traditionalists who hold the history of the city. These nobles focus on the preservation of the nation and maintain peace in domestic affairs.


One of the most feared families in the world, second only to the Lightbringer family, The Leone Family is a family of assassins that have gained world renown. Sergio Leone is of this clan.

Season 2
After the massacre of the Leone Family, their seat in the Great Nobles was given to another family.


Alquarro Cerdevo, the first noble to hold such a seat without a family, has gained a great amount of wealth quickly through the trade of awakened metals.

Great Nobles

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