Hikaryu Savarem

A Jhabertan Project collaborated with Izaru to create the Yeshuah through genetic tampering, Hikaryu Savarem is the result of “Project Savarem.”

His mother was a woman respected as a figure known as the “Holy Mother”. The father was the samurai who killed Anton Marcus. It was the belief of Izaran military that the two spirits when merged would create the Yeshuah. The child created as a result of the experiment was by all measures superhuman, yet displayed very few of the responses common in developing minds. At first dismissed as retarded, this claim was disproved when the child passed an IQ test and found to have a normal intelligence. Later tests discovered the child incompetent in social tests and completely unable to feel emotions.

He was given to the military to serve as a super-soldier, but after endangering the lives of his comrades due to a single minded purpose, he was eventually disbanded entirely. Hikaryu was discovered by Masamune Okazaki and given special training, as well as Seraphima his of the Awakened Weapons. His relationship with Seraphima is one of complete surrender, unseen in any other symbiosis.

Season 1
Due to a compulsion to follow power, Hikaryu swore fealty to Shen Lightbringer and furthered his goals of destroying death.

Season 2
Hikaryu resigned from his service to Shen Lightbringer and later aided Sempaurora and the Dawn Alliance as an impartial diplomat between his country of birth and his new country of citizenship. His sword, Seraphima, was identified as one of the Great Spirits and he was hunted by Mediggo. He and his master have traveled to Sidarthalem to help unite the Harbingers to give them a peaceful rest.

Hikaryu Savarem

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