The Warrior Empire

Izaru has always been a small nation that has at first requested expansion and to annex other uncared for outskirt towns, then has unsuccessfully negotiated, and then demanded land and threatened war. After being shunned for so long without results, Izaru believes that they are not in the wrong to take a fair portion of land. What land they take is without grudge and they have made it known that they will cease conquering when their land is equal to Sempaurora’s. This has been met with hostility from many nations, but Sempaurora has stopped this with the treaty.

Their sympathizers are the neutral Drass Aristocracy and part of the Akumephis Empire. They are an honor-bound nation of clans who revere their ancestors and as such, they keep their eye on the work of their fathers and honor the vows of their clan. The Drass Aristocracy is involved in several projects for the Izaran Empire, including the Project Savarem and several war machine developments. It is for this reason that the Drass Aristocracy is tied to Izaru. Izaru has done many things to grow in strength, including the creation of Warforged, a taboo to the rest of the world. The Warforged are the servants of Izaru and are part of the reason behind the Izaran success.

Set goals of the nation are expansion and growing in military power.

Players from this nation are not necessarily the evil warlords that many nations mistake them for, but their nation typically fosters a need to prove oneself and a strong spirit that appreciates power.

Izaru is a step away from savagery itself and still retains several unorthodox, if not barbaric customs. Their spiritual worship is construed by many as no better than the outright demon worship of Akumephis. Many of their strongest shaman use unnaturally dark magics of blood and sacrifice.

Government: Feudal

Ruler: Emperor Joishuten

Capitol: Imperial Hall in Barai Province

Races: Dominantly Human. Warforged, Nezumi, and Oriental Races in minority.

The Izaran Empire is modeled after Japan’s culture during the Edo period in the shoes of Germany during World War II (excepting the whole Jew-killing thing). Honor and the code of Bushido are the way of life. Nobility is something that must be born into and the shogunate is built upon the class order. The Emperor is at the top of the government, his shoguns rank below that, the Samurai following. Families vary in power and influence within the provinces and there are several with strong ancestries and noble heritage. Besides families, clans have been formed by powerful men and some promising men of the world have gained honor through joining these clans. These clans are listed in your Oriental Adventures Handbook.

Izaru is organized into 6 provinces: Cho, Niifu, Habai, Yoshu, Juru, and Barai.

Cho: The poorest district. Not much is farmable in this land and life is hard. The impoverished and seedier province. To provide taxes, many have resorted to different lifestyles. Brothels and gambling are common in Cho, as are muggings and rape. There are no noble houses here and the samurai are abusive.

Niifu: A plentiful land where life is calm and a diligent farmer can live a full life with honest work. Many noble houses live here and the samurai are peaceful.

Habai: A district of little farmland. The noble families live here in a great number. They sit in their large homes and know little of the outside world, but are eager to support the war, which few will see.

Yoshu: The land is equally divided between farming and clans. The samurai here all belong to a clan, which they have earned their way into or established.

Juru: Juru is the great temple land where few actually live, save for the monks who maintain the temple and live in constant discipline. No samurai live here. No clans are established.

Barai: The richest of the districts, this is the imperial district which also houses the Imperial Hall, where Joishuten himself lives. The families that live here are nobles and the clans here directly serve the Emperor.


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