Jhaberta: The Fallen Juggernaut

When attacked by the Akumephis Nation thirty years ago, Jhabertan technomages turned to their latest development. It was an untested weapon and many were unsure of its full potential. Many believed it would destroy constructs and leave the living organisms unharmed. Others thought it would just cause a terrible sickness or curse that would last only a short time and only destroy that which was at the impact point. It was a tough choice to decide, but Jhaberta struck first fearing the power of Akumephis’ unstoppable armies.

The weapon ravaged the nation almost to its borders and left only a quarter of the original population on top of opening a chasm into hell. The remaining spell’s power twisted the land and cursed the plants and local fauna. Immediately after their seeming act of genocide, the president of Jhaberta stepped down and begged his people to never touch the weapon again. In the years following, the escalating tension has forced the other nations into action. Sempaurora has petitioned for the use of the weapon should Izaru grow into a threat that could not be handled. Sidarthalem has begged for the weapons and technology to be destroyed. The Drass Aristocracy has often requested a trade for the secret of the weapon. Jhaberta still is not fully aware of the results and true potential of the weapon, but have vowed never to use it again, barring total world war and no other solution.

Today, Jhaberta seems a world-weary state with a cautious hand over the pulse over the world. They seek peace in all aspects of life and try not to use their terrible force. They have had no reason to use the weapon since that day and would rather not, despite pressure from many nations to use it again and end the war.

Jhaberta is the strongest nation, yet has pacified itself into an almost careless government. They have began to ignore the world around them and focus on their own state, working on their technology and bettering their life of their citizens. Jhaberta is the strongest government, but holds almost no position in the world, short of being the assured destruction of whatever nation gets out of line. As such, they are similar to an intelligent and resourceful person who has been valued only as a thug.

Government: Democracy

Ruler: President Rand Fletcher

Races: Mostly human. Xeph, gnome, and dwarf also in minority.

The nation of Jhaberta is the technology center of the world and boasts the fiercest magic and technology that is decades ahead of other nations. They are the world’s only democracy. Jhaberta is organized and methodical in every pursuit they undertake and boast some of the greatest accomplishments worldwide. Several mobile armor constructs have been moved into prototype for the war.

Jhaberta is the greatest source of the Drass Aristocracy’s money and they owe more to the endless city than any other nation. As such, they find themselves in a tough spot when the Drass Aristocracy requests to share the technology they helped create.


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