John Winterdusk

A strong-willed warrior who came from the same academy in the same year as Jacob Cromwell, young John Winterdusk gained the attention of his superiors quickly. Immediately upon exiting the academy, he was given a ranking position within the guards, despite having lower marks than his halfling peer. Despite John’s protests, Jacob was given a position where he would never be seen. Assured that his colleague had fallen in his first assignment, he continued on and climbed the ranks of the guard fairly quickly. His comrades commended his sword abilities and he was given the nickname Cagesword John, due to his ability to completely control his enemy’s movement with a precise offensive.

Shortly after the death of Anton Marcus, John’s superior was promoted into the royal guard. He was given the promotion as Guard Captain and has held the post for several years. Since then, he has changed his underlings to a select few of his most trusted allies, many from his academy days.

When the tournament for the Yeshuah assembled the strongest men worldwide, John found Jacob again and was ready to begin working with his old friend once more. Shen Lightbringer, poisoned by the power of the Yeshuah murdered Jacob Cromwell, however and the bloodthirsty Sergio Leone came to accept the position instead. Now given the aid of a demonically fueled assassin and an emotionless Izaran double agent, John began removing the threats of the Effulgent Kingdom by the hands of the two.

The news of the massacre of the Leone family overnight during Sergio’s vacation made him regret his involvement with the two killers, one who denied any involvement while the other took full responsibility for his role model’s actions. Though he was torn on what to do, he found himself unable to prosecute the murderer due to Hikaryu Savarem’s confession. Also, the King Blaine Crucoy had further plans for the assassin. When Sergio Leone returned once more, this time with Jacob Cromwell, returning from the Veil, he had grown massive demonic horns, a crimson complexion and had obviously been tainted by the evil’s of his mission in Akumephis.

A warrant has been made for the capture and arrest of Sergio Leone at Winterdusk’s request, though the Drassian has since fled the country with the band known as Meddigo. Though Jacob Cromwell has vouched for Sergio, John Winterdusk believes that Sergio Leone is too dangerous to roam Sempaurora freely.

John Winterdusk

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