Kain Lorehelm

A resident of the Tainted Ruins, Kain was born with a weak twin brother. During the process of the demon fusion, demons were only able to merge with his brother. In time, the demon Asmoday was the only thing keeping the frail boy alive. The demon urged the two into battle and Kain slew his brother, stealing the demon for himself. Kain has since referred to the demon as “brother” and confers with him frequently.

While traveling to petition the Judges for the right to represent Akumephis, he came upon two others with the same goal. He defeated one and chastised him for challenging a more powerful opponent. When the second attacked him from behind, Kain murdered him without hesitation using his colossal greatsword.

The Judge Hagith appeared before Kain and commended him, then extended the offer to serve Akumephis in the trials. Kain accepted and the pact was sealed, a ceremony where Kain absorbed some of the flames of Hagith’s effigy.

When Shen Lightbringer revealed his power as the false Yeshuah, Kain quickly sided with the villain to further his own dream: to defy the gods who had created an imperfect world. Feeling that it was his destiny to remake the world, he followed the Yeshuah to the north pole of the world. He fell in a final against The Wardens at the Tower to Heaven, despite having the aid of the Demon Prince Devlin Hauzon.

His greatsword, Asmoday, later confirmed as one of the Awakened Weapons by Railoc Greyshadow was taken by the sword collector, who went on to use it for his many adventures.

Kain Lorehelm

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