Kohkanest’s Divination

The practices of Divination are difficult to understand and impossible to teach. The inner eye is a gift that few will ever possess. Fate-conscious diviners follow many paths of knowledge to learn the future. The most common – and civilized – of which is cartomancy. The most primal and least commonly accepted (though hailed by its supporters as the most accurate) is extispicy, which uses the entrails of beasts to gaze into the future.

Planets, stars and heavenly bodies are constantly in motion. This is a precise art which is easy to track, but difficult to find significance in. It is believed that every event in the universe’s plans can be divined from the stars. Astrology seldom can give you specifics of an event, but it is excellent for discerning a time of an occasion you may already be aware of, or alert you to an inevitable event.

Making an astrology check actively searches for signs in the sky. But there may already be signs around you unfolding as the game progresses. If the sun rises in the morning, wonder why. If the moon is full, think about it. If there are no stars out when you leave, take a moment. Astrology may save your life.

Augury relies on the flight patterns of birds to learn the mysteries of destiny. The roots of this practice stems from the belief that animals are easily swayed by the will of gods. The plans of the gods have an effect on the flight pattern, appearances and behavior of birds. The number of birds in a flock, size and wing color are all telling signs of the severity and intent behind the divine agenda.

Making an augury check means actively seeking these omens. However, it is also likely that these events are happening around you daily. If there is a bird involved, augury is a great resource.

Reading the cards is perhaps the most glamorous and overused of the practices. Reading the cards is largely interpretation, rendering it ineffective. However, some cling to this as a favorite and it is best at revealing the identity of an aggressor or victim to the event being investigated.

Cards must be consulted actively. There is no passive ability for this.

Locations are best divined through the mystic practice of extispicy. Sacrificing an animal such as a rabbit or a boar is necessary an extispicy check, which may require survival. In spreading the entrails of such a creature one may learn a location of an important event.

Exispicy must be used actively. An animal found dead will reveal no secrets.

Another form of divination is runecasting, which allows you to most accurately discover an outcome of an event. Ancient practices from the days of perfect man, runes are the magical writings of a long dead language. Now these semi-obscure symbols seem to channel the whispers of the ancients and give insight into the future.

Numbers usually are dismissed as solely quantitative data, but in the all seeing gaze of the fate-watcher, numbers often hold more value. Numbers are telling indicators of power and deceit. Dates and quantities should all be deciphered with the inner eye through numerology.

Onomancy is the study of meaning within names. If you are able to discern the full truename of a character (which is filled with inflections and tones), you may make an onomancy check to learn more of a character.

Dreams are perhaps the most powerful insight one can have into their own psyche. As a fate-watcher your dreams are naturally more receptive to the currents of destiny. Be mindful of your dreams and the dreams of others as well, for they may be a warning of things to come.

Examples of using these accurately would be to use an extispicy check to find your destination and then an astrology check to correctly guess how long you have to arrive.


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