The great demon responsible for the near destruction of the Feywild, Mephisto was eventually defeated by Seraphima and reincarnated in Iifa, bound to an awakened ore that would later become a rapier in the hands of Giovanni Leone. Leone strove to awaken the demon, but was never able to appease the foul creature’s bloodlust. He abandoned the weapon and gave up his dreams of revenge, instead giving the weapon to his talented son, Sergio Leone, whose dark intentions of murder and the eradication of his family charmed the demon. Sergio failed to kill Shen Lightbringer however and sealed Mephisto within himself, thinking that it would end the demon’s hold on him.

Instead, after two months of endless killing, Mephisto rose to attention stronger and ready to overcome Sergio and use him as a vessel to conquer the world of Iifa as a demon stronghold.

Mephisto’s Gambit
After allowing Mephisto to consume one of your healing surges, the player can roll on a chart to gain or lose a random ability. As these progress, the stakes vastly increase.

Mephisto’s Henchmen consist of three of his top devils: Lilith, Asmoday, and Belial.


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