The most prolific Lightning based of the Awakened Weapons, Quetzalcoatl has been identified by the agents of Meddigo as an integral part of The Great Spirits, specifically “The Winged Serpent”. Originally wielded by Dan Kershaw, a roaming bounty hunter, the sword was battled over. Kershaw released the weapon’s full destructive might and destroyed the town around him. Though he had not held back, he failed to kill all five of the Meddigo candidates attacking him. Sebastian Grant survived and killed the swordsman, taking Quetzalcoatl and becoming one of Meddigo’s foremost agent.

A thick blade that seems closer to a scaled oar than a sword, this large weapon constantly has bright blue feathers of pure energy dropping from its form. When released, it can be heard crackling with every swing.

Shock – A single arc of feather shaped lightning fires from the blade.

Thunderhell – By driving Quetzalcoatl into the ground and stirring the spirit within with a prolonged prayer, the ancient one will continually arc out its power, consuming all in destruction.


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